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Assistant Director of Catering

Pan Pacific Singapore

Position Summary

The responsibilities of an Assistant Director of Catering Sales includes developing new clients and retaining existing clientele in the various market segments for the purpose of selling catering/banqueting services of the hotel and PPHG.   He/She assists the Director of Catering Sales in developing and executing strategic plans to achieve & exceed Annual Budget & Strategic Catering Goals.  The appointed associate will ensure that catering operations meet Hotel and PPHG standards by functioning as a business partner with all areas of the hotel that are impacted by the catering department.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Confer with customers to understand their catering needs and provide appropriate suggestions
  • Provide support to catering director by researching customers and venuesEnsure that appropriate market competition data and information of new trends in catering are provided to the director
  • Coordinate the efforts of the catering staff in order to ensure proper event management
  • Prepare quotations of catering events and provide needed information to the director
  • Ensure that all quotations are in accordance to the standards provided by the catering director
  • Suggest alternative menu items in order to provide customers with variety
  • Follow up customers in order to seal event catering agreements
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by responding to complaints and suggestions efficiently
  • Handle operational issues in a professional manner
  • Provide members of the catering staff with information of food safety and hygiene
  • Educate catering staff about proper customer service and complaint handling

Performance & Quality Assurance 

  • Able to achieve catering department budgeted & forecasted levels through proper revenue management strategies.
  • Achieve established performance benchmarks on a monthly and quadrimestral basis.
  • Prospect and establish an expanding base of accounts in a specific relevant segment.
  • Create and maintain a good working relationship with the Banquet Team & Culinary Team.
  • Promote and encourage proper communication to all departments to maximise utilisation of available resources.
  • Actively participate in Process Improvement programmes.

Cost Containment/Profit Enhancement

  • Able to assist in the preparation of bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly catering/banquet forecasts as requested to monitor business flow accurately.
  • Prepare Sales Action Plans for specific market segments and co-ordinate an effective Accounts Maintenance programme, and on a quadrimestral basis in order to focus on client needs and maximise sales efforts to minimise gap periods.
  • Able to assist in the preparation of the six-month rolling forecast.
  • Able to interpret financial reports.
  • Compile financial data and use this data to teach teams how to improve the overall financial performance of the business unit in the hotel.

Marketing, Sales, Advertising and Promotions

  • Able to implement catering promotions and special functions.
  • Able to assist in co-ordinating Catering Marketing/Advertising/Public Relation programmes with outside vendors or in-house departments.

Business and Strategy Planning

  • Able to create and execute strategic plans for the business unit in the hotel.
  • Able to assist in creating and executing annual business plans, marketing plan and budgets.
  • Keep abreast with global and local catering industry trends.
  • Able to prepare short and long term strategies for specific market segments to rectify areas that are not meeting business objectives.

Human Capital & Development

  • Ensure that the department standards are met and that all company policies and procedures are adhered to.
  • Coach, motivate, educate, train, counsel and discipline a team to deliver the service and product standards of the business unit.
  • Ability to function in a multi-functional environment and be self directed.
  • Ability to make individual decisions that benefit the business.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by management.

Product Knowledge

  • Show knowledge in the food and beverage products offered in the hotel.
  • Show knowledge in competitors’ products and services.
  • Able to work with in-house or external vendors who can perform preventive maintenance and repairs on the equipment in the catering areas.
  • Implement and maintain catering/banquet and other applicable PPHG Management Systems.

Business Excellence

  • Anticipate guest needs and strive to exceed guest expectations.
  • Anticipate associate needs and strive to exceed associate expectations.
  • Anticipate community needs and strive to exceed community expectations.
  • Anticipate owners’ needs and strive to exceed owner’s expectations.


Talent Profile

  • 5 years or more experience in a similar role in a 5-star hotel with a function rooms’ capacity of > 35,000 square feet.
  • Owns good range of customer contacts.
  • Proven record in delivering operating results in operations focusing on personalised service.
  • Experienced in managing diverse relationships, i.e.Multi-Cultural / Racial teams as well as local communities.
  • High energy personality – engaging.
  • Has an understanding of budgeting and financial management
  • Highly adaptable with the ability to direct changes.
  • A good people manager with ability to motivate a well set team.
  • High level of both verbal and written communication.
  • Computer literate: MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Position Title

Assistant Director of Catering


31 October 2017


30 November 2017




Pan Pacific Singapore

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