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The hotel will continue to be managed by Pan Pacific Hotels Group when it reopens.","enabledayuse":true,"advancedays":-1,"blockoutstartdate":"2018-04-01","blockoutenddate":"2019-04-01","timezone":"+8","maxadult":-1,"maxchild":-1,"showaccesscode":false},"ppssbr":{"minstay":2,"minstaymsg":"A minimum 2 nights stay is required. For alternative arrangements, please contact us directly on +65 6678 8999.","enabledayuse":false,"advancedays":-1,"blockoutstartdate":"2013-06-30","blockoutenddate":"2013-07-05","timezone":"+8","maxadult":-1,"maxchild":-1,"showaccesscode":false},"ppssin":{"minstay":7,"minstaymsg":"A minimum seven night stay is required. For alternative arrangements, please speak with us on +65 6884 5222.","enabledayuse":false,"advancedays":-1,"blockoutstartdate":"2013-06-30","blockoutenddate":"2013-07-05","timezone":"+8","maxadult":-1,"maxchild":-1,"showaccesscode":false},"ppsea":{"minstay":1,"minstaymsg":"","enabledayuse":false,"advancedays":-1,"blockoutstartdate":"2013-06-30","blockoutenddate":"2013-07-05","timezone":"-8","maxadult":-1,"maxchild":-1,"showaccesscode":false},"pphan":{"minstay":1,"minstaymsg":"","enabledayuse":false,"advancedays":-1,"blockoutstartdate":"2015-08-06","blockoutenddate":"2016-09-30","timezone":"+7","maxadult":-1,"maxchild":-1,"showaccesscode":false}}

Resident Manager

Pan Pacific Singapore

Position Summary

Whilst directing and leading the daily operations, assist the General Manager in the development and business components of the hotel through providing effective and relationship oriented leadership. He/She must be able to coordinate effective and efficient resource allocation through establishing a flexible workforce based on multi-skilling and multi-tasking. He/She should take time to get to know the guests and be committed to service excellence. Team play is imperative and having the time to invest in self and associate development is mandatory.

Responsible for developing and implementing annual and medium term strategies, championing projects and objectives to achieve profitability and business growth targets as set and agreed by Pan Pacific Hotels Group. Beside a visionary, thinking beyond the boundaries and leading by example are expected and not requested.

Key Responsibilities

Strategic planning and implementation

  • Responsible for the development and implementation of the annual business plan and medium term strategies, as well as establishing key performance objectives and plans to ensure the hotel meet its business targets and drives sustainable profitable growth
  • Be an active participant in the strategic marketing approach to ensure exposure of Pan Pacific Singapore.

Operations Management

  • Overall responsibility of all hotel activities to ensure efficiency and high standards of operations in all areas of hotel.
  • Drives high levels of guest satisfaction through the consistent execution of all Corporate brand standards, visible operational leadership, active trend analysis and hands-on interaction with guests and associates.
  • Has proven ability to create innovative and integrated guests experience in guest accommodation, Restaurant, Bars and Events and in the overall Spa/Wellness experience.
  • Create an operational environment of education and empowerment that energizes associates to focus on guest preferences and aspirations, allowing for the creation of memorable guest experiences.
  • Continuous focus on employee satisfaction and ensures continuous improvement action plans are executed effectively, and as need, with a focus on a team and succession planning culture.
  • Communicate effectively the hotel strategies and situation awareness to all partners: Owner, Management Company and Associates.
  • Collaborate with associates to continually review and refresh operational offerings as deemed by locality and region.
  • Cultivate a positive culture surrounding the eGCC & GHA programs and formulate strategies to continually improve the guest experiences.
  • Cultivate a culture of exploring new strategies on how revenue streams can be developed.
  • Keep ahead of industry trends (you should set the trends rather than follow)

Financial Management

  • Together with the Director of Finance, oversees the timely development and completion of the annual budgets and to regularly monitor performance and assume responsibility for its achievement.
  • Responsibile for the productive deployment of operations expense budgets and oversight of the hotel financial and administrative systems in keeping with regulatory and audit guidelines.
  • Leading the Management prcoess in proper expenses and cost control with required services and standards and monitoring the performance of all Departments in this process.
  • Actively endeavours to achieve or exceed budgeted GOP and financial targets via Revenue Generation and cost control.
  • Has proven ability to engineer Hotel costs to achieve profit maximisation without impacting Pan Pacific Brand Standards or Guest Expectations.

Strategic Asset Management

  • In conjunction with the General Manager, manage communication with the Hotel Owner, in order to maintain good rapport and relationship.
  • Together with the Director of Finance, strategize on continual imporvements to the Asset that will positively impact the Asset Value and Financial Return and communicates these effectively to concerned partners: Owners and Management Company.

Business Development and Marketing

  • Proven track record of GOP achievement through Revenue Growth
  • Together with the Director of Revenue, to profit engineer when market situation demands while ensuring safety measures are taken to provent long term negative implications.
  • Ability to collaborate to ensure the creativity of the team is developed and delivered through the department's promotional strategy.
  • Ability to assist in the further development of he GHA Discovery and PPP Programs

Human Capital Management and Development

  • Support the General Manager and together with the Director of HCD in developing human capital to ensure on-going management staff capability development through its selection, performance management, learning and education programs.
  • Together with the Director of HCD, implements succession planning program at the hotel, incorporating the development of management competencies as in line with the Corporate guidelines.
  • Coach, counsel and mentor associates when required
  • Lead by example through passionate, hands on approach.

Service Standardization

  • Ensures active implementation and adherence to Corporate Branding and Brand Standards.
  • Understand the role as standards mentor and continue to develop and strive to deliver higher service standards than guest expectations.

Talent Profiles

  • Either Diploma or Degree from a recognised hospitality / tertiary institution and/or have gained 10 years of senior management experiences in hotel industry.
  • A current EAM, Hotel Manager or Resident Manager with a minimum of 3 years' international experience in an upscale Hotel of 300 rooms or greater
  • Oversight of hotel operations, with a strong background in either Rooms, Food & Beverage or Sales and Marketing, including a proven track record in manageing financials and revenue generation
  • Experience in managing diverse relationships, i.e Management Company, Hotel Owners and local regulatory authorities as well as local communities
  • Good understanding of Marketing with experience or focus in social media and local market strategies
  • Understanding and interest in revenue managemnt (for both rooms and F&B)
  • Previous Asia market experience will be an added advantage
  • Strong results oriented, strategic leader with sound business judgement
  • Strong personality with a high level of effective communication
  • Highly adaptable with ability to lead and direct changes
  • Ability to develop high performance teams and to motivate and mentor future leaders
  • Strong adaptability and ability to integrate and work with the local community
  • Creativity and innovation focussed to be the trend setter rather than the follower or others

How to Apply

Please submit a cover letter explaining your motivation for the position and how you meet the selecton criteria along with a current resume. All application documents are to be submitted via the Careers page.

We apologise that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Position Title

Resident Manager


27 August 2015


26 September 2015




Pan Pacific Singapore


General Management

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