Caring for our guests

Operation Update as at Thursday 2 September 2021

The safety of our colleagues, our guests and our community is first and foremost the priority for us at Pan Pacific Perth.

Pan Pacific Perth Green Zone

The Green Zone is a West Australian Department of Health approved commercial zone.

The Green Zone incorporates the hotel porte cochère, lobby, Uma Restaurant, Ten Acre Block, Hill Street Sports Bar + Restaurant, Lobby Café, Bobby’s BBQ Truck, Convention Floor Banqueting, Meetings on 5, Pacific Club executive accommodation (including guest rooms and suites on levels 5 to 8). Access to these areas is via the main entrance and for the exclusive Pacific Club Executive Wing the designated executive guest lifts and service lift.

All services to the Green Zone are completely separate in every way to that of the quarantine facility. No hotel worker, WA Health contract security guard or contract health workers or Australian Defence Force personnel from any site is permitted within the designated Pan Pacific Green Zone. 

Pan Pacific Perth Quarantine Facility 

Pan Pacific Perth has been seconded by the West Australian government to provide a safe quarantine facility for Returning Australians. Infection control is our primary remit ensuring the safety of our colleagues, our guests and the community. The quarantine accommodation is in a separate closed wing located on levels 10 to 23.

Pan Pacific Perth colleagues working in this Red Zone have been wearing full personal protective equipment since being seconded 1 November 2020. Our colleagues also undergo daily COVID-19 saliva testing and weekly swab testing. The Red Zone team have their own entrance and exit, staff room, bathrooms and changing rooms, they are never permitted to cross over into the Green Zone. There is no face to face interaction with any quarantine guest with our colleagues other than at registration. Our colleagues have volunteered for this role and we thank them for their service.

Strict protocols are in place for all workers in this area including WA Health security and health contract workers and Australian Defence Force personnel. There is a separate entrance to the hotel on Adelaide Terrace and dedicated guest and service lifts.

The air conditioning system is individual for each room with no recirculation between rooms or corridors. The air intake is directly from outside then filtered providing 100% fresh air to each room and extraction is all at rooftop level.  

Meals for our quarantine guests adhere to the guidelines provided by WA Health and have been enhanced significantly ensuring quality and variety across a broad spectrum of palettes. Meals are served in disposable containers and rubbish is double bagged and disposed of separately. Guest laundry is also handled separately.

The West Australian contract security team is responsible for all deliveries to quarantine guests and guest movement on the floors. There are no front of house cross over points between Green and Red Zones.

Pan Pacific Perth Hygiene Practices 

Your health and safety is our priority. Click here to view our Hotel Hygiene Practices.

Information is correct as at time of publishing and is subject to change in accordance to Government regulations.