5 Unique Gifts You Can Get from Singapore's Little India

The Most Unique Gifts from Little India

Wrecked your brain over gifting last holiday season? Our team at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road has put together a list of five unique items you can gift, found at Little India. 

1. Readymade Kolam (Sand Painting)

Shop name: Appollo Sellappas
Street stall at Campbell Lane
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Kolam is an art form that involves using coloured rice and sand, flour, and flower petals to create decorations on the floor in living rooms or outside the front door. Its primary purpose is for decoration especially during Diwali (Deepawali), Onam, Pongal and other Indian festivals. But it is also thought to bring good luck and prosperity to the household. Believed to have started centuries ago, Kolam art is now available in readymade forms – made with plastic beads and glass. Get this as a wonderful decorative item for a household, and a wonderful gift for a homemaker. 

2. Indian Jewellery

Shop name: Abiraame Jewellers
69 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 217974
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Indian jewellery are very traditional – they serve as reminders of India’s rich heritage and the process of making Kundan (glass stone) and Polki (uncut diamond) jewellery are time-consuming, very intricate, and thus requires masterful craftsmanship. Typically used at grand Indian weddings now, these pieces of jewellery imbue an air of royalty and prestige – making it perfect for any classy occasion. 

3. Liquor from Chandna Emporium

Shop name: Chandna Emporium
232 Serangoon Road
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Chandna Emporium is known for importing liquor that shows enough demand from their regular customers – then selling them at bargain prices! So, not only can you get a huge bargain on the drinks you’re familiar with, you can also buy exotic spirits that you’ve never even heard of – a great dinner party gift for the adventurous drinkers.

4. Indian-inspired Furniture

Shophouses along Campbell lane
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A short stroll into Campbell Lane, Little India and you will notice flanks of shophouses selling furniture influenced by Indian cultures and motifs. Excellent durability and craftsmanship make these a wonderful addition to your living room as a statement piece, or to complement the aesthetics of your interior design theme. Browsing through passion projects like quaint Indian furniture shops is a great afternoon pastime too! 

5. Saree Fabric

Shop name: Nalli Pte Ltd
10 Buffalo Rd, Singapore 219784
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The saree is a single piece of fabric draped around the body and worn as a skirt with one end of the fabric thrown over the shoulder; a blouse is worn to complement the saree. This outfit is worn daily by Indian women as a form of tradition but you can also wear them to special occasions or to events such as an Indian party or an Indian wedding. Most sarees are tailor-made but ready-to-wear pieces are available at shops too – for your convenience!