Melbourne's Laneways - Street Art

Street Art

The colourful and continual creativity of the graffiti artist has had a transformative impact on Melbourne. Once an underground activity, the city is now famed for these uber cool urban pieces. Melbourne has become a street art destination with the first stencil festival in the world being held here in 2004. Experience this revolutionary and evolutionary art form and view the graffiti artists graft in all its permutations, from stencil to paste ups, tags and murals. Enjoy the edgy industrial energy of street art and these laneway spaces.

1. Hosier Lane

Address Hosier Lane, opposite Federation Square, Flinders St, Melbourne, 3000                                                     
Opening Hours Open access

This bluestone cobbled lane is located in a prominent position and is easy to find. About forty minutes drive from the PARKROYAL, Hosier Lane is renowned for paintings of a provoking political nature. Stencils and murals abound and while occasionally it’s a case of taggers over taggers, this landmark laneway is worth a walk through. A choice location for Instagramers and bridal photographers, the backdrop of grungy and gritty creativity makes for some great shots.

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2. Union Lane

Address Union Lane, off Bourke St Mall, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000                                                                           
Opening Hours Open Access

This lane has some memorable murals with fresh pieces emerging regularly in a living lane of art. Initially decorated in 2008 in a collective creative project between aspiring artists and their mentors, it was revamped in 2010 when the city council commissioned over 70 artists to transform the space; a sure sign that street art has come up from the underground.  Union Lane is off the main shopping strip in Melbourne’s CBD about half way between Elizabeth St and Swanston St; a 40 drive from our hotel depending on traffic.

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3. Centre Place

Address Centre Place is between Flinders Lane and Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000                                               
Opening Hours 24 hour access

Take a seat in this lively location, amongst the vibrant bars, busy cafés and eateries and feel the pulse of the city throbbing and view some excellent examples of outdoor expressionism. Home to some of Melbourne’s best specimens of stencil graffiti, Centre Place is a 40 minute drive from the PARKROYAL when the traffic is light; worth it to imbue the vibe and see these colourful creations.

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4. Yarra Place

Address Yarra Place, South Melbourne, VIC 3205                                                                                                             
Opening Hours 24 hours access

More than a lane, this is an environment. Yarra Place is considered by many to be the masters’ gallery of Melbourne street art with showstoppers that give the lane depth and dimension. Make the 40 minutes drive to judge for yourself if these pieces are urban enhancement or otherwise. Don’t forget to duck into nearby Yarra St for some supplementary samples of street art at its best.

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