William & Pickering Ballroom (Combined)

Capacity - Up to 576 Guests

Room Area - 420 sqm

Dimensions - 20.0 x 21.0 m

Ceiling Height - 5.6 m

Undoubtedly one of Singapore’s most unique and elegant venues, the William and Pickering Ballrooms can be combined to offer a generous space for large celebrations.

Venue Summary

Elegant and inspiring, the William and Pickering Ballrooms offer twice the space – perfect for the grandest affairs.

Celebrate your dream wedding in style, as state-of-the-art acoustics and visual equipment provide the means for seamless entertainment. Complete with an elegant foyer for pre-event cocktails, both the William and Pickering Ballrooms can accommodate up to 300 guests.

Venue Features

  • Wireless internet access
  • High-definition drop-down ceiling projector


300 Guests

180 Guests

576 Guests

Virtual Tour

Embark on a 360-degree virtual tour and envision your dream wedding taking place against the backdrop of our elegant William Pickering Ballroom.

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