Terrace 2 Summary

Room Details

Seating Capacity
  • Cocktail 55 Guests
  • Theatre 50 Guests
Maximum Occupancy
55 Guests
Room Feature
  • Heated outdoor terrace
  • Natural light
Room Area
70 sqm (753.2 sq ft)
7 x 10 m (23 x 32.8 ft)
Ceiling Height
3.7 m (12.1 ft)
Venue Location
Ground Floor

Audio Visual

Meeting Packages

Pick Your Perks

Pick Your Perks

Enjoy additional perks for your meeting, event or conference when you book for 20 or more delegates.

Price starting from
AUD95per person

Stay and Meet

Allow your delegates to rejuvenate and head off at ease to the dedicated event or meeting.

Price starting from
AUD285per person, per day

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