Discover Chinatown Singapore

Explore a vibrant mix of old and new in Singapore’s famous Chinatown. This bustling neighbourhood is the epicentre of Chinese culture in the city and offers a unique mix of busy markets, modern stores, trendy cafes and traditional shops all side by side.

Explore the cultural highlights in Chinatown

Visitors need only wander the winding streets of Chinatown to discover why it is among the most vibrant Chinatown districts in the world. Filled with beautiful traditional architecture and bustling shops, Chinatown is a hub of activity and excitement.

Cultural attractions like the Chinatown Heritage centre offer a glimpse of Singapore as it was before it became the gleaming modern city it is today, with carefully recreated 19th and 20th century houses inside the museum showing off the city’s humble beginnings. The nearby Asian Civilisations Museum is another highlight in Chinatown, where visitors can discover hundreds of years of Asian history, including some incredibly rare artefacts. Finally, Chinatown’s temples are also worth a closer look, with Singapore's oldest Hindu temple, Sri Mariamman Temple, and the sacred Buddha Tooth Relic Temple among the most popular.

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Gastronomic delights

Chinatown’s exceptional bars and restaurants are a major part of the area's allure. From simple street food stalls to trendy bars and elegant restaurants, Chinatown offers plenty of opportunity for indulgence.

Street food is an important part of Singapore’s culinary culture and Chinatown is one of the best spots to sample the city’s best. The Maxwell Food Centre is a good place to start and offers delicious foods from all over Asia. The nearby Smith Street, also known as Chinatown's Food Street, is the place to find traditional Chinese delicacies.

Chinatown is even more inviting by night when its best bars and restaurants open. Ann Siang Hill and Club Street in particular offer a great selection, where seemingly traditional Chinese shop fronts house elegant and modern restaurants within.

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