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Our Commitment to Sustainability

PARKROYAL on Beach Road is committed to championing sustainability across three core pillars: Environment, Community, and Art. Through a series of initiatives, programs, and events, we have been making significant strides in each of these areas to ensure a greener, more inclusive, and culturally rich future.

ISO14001 Certified

PARKROYAL on Beach Road's environmental management efforts are in compliance with ISO14001:2015, an internationally recognised standard which provides assurance to the management, associates, guests, and stakeholders that the environmental impact is being constantly measured and improved. 

Find out more about the ISO14001 certification here.

Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Certification

PARKROYAL on Beach Road is proud to attain the GSTC certification in 2024. The GSTC Industry Criteria for Hotels fosters sustainable tourism practices across four key areas:  Effective sustainability planning, maximizing social and economic benefits for the local community, enhancing cultural heritage, and reducing negative impact to the environment.

Find out more about the GSTC certification here.


Our Commitment to Go Green

PARKROYAL on Beach Road upholds a steadfast commitment to eco-friendly practices, focusing on waste reduction, energy and water conservation. Through innovative measures and energy-efficient strategies, we pave the way for a more sustainable and professional hospitality sector.

Waste Reduction

Reducing Single-Use Plastic Bottles - Filtered Water Tap and Refillable Bathroom Pump Bottles

By offering guests access to purified tap water directly from their rooms and water dispensers for banquet guests at the ballrooms, we significantly reduce the reliance on single-use plastic bottles. This initiative decreases the necessity for waste collection and disposal, thereby mitigating potential carbon footprints.

In addition, we've replaced miniature shower amenities refillable pump systems, contributing to a substantial reduction in single-use plastics annually.  

🌱- Reduction of approximately 502,000 single-use plastic bottle units

Food Waste Digestor 

At PARKROYAL on Beach Road, our commitment to environmental sustainability includes the integration of an advanced food waste digester. This system converts food waste into liquid to be discharged as greywater, reducing carbon emissions arising from the transportation of food waste to disposal sites.



Energy Management

Installation of Solar Panels

PARKROYAL on Beach Road has strategically installed solar panels to harness green energy, demonstrating its commitment to embracing renewable energy solutions for a more sustainable future.

🌱- Generated a total of 128,000kWh worth of alternative energy per year

AC to DC Fan Coil Units in Guest Rooms

The transition from AC to DC fan coil units in our guest rooms has achieved a remarkable 50% energy savings. The higher efficiency of DC motors in converting electrical power to mechanical power, and variable speed control which adapts to specific cooling or heating needs reduces unnecessary energy consumption. 

Rain Sensor Installation 

Our swimming pool and fountains at PARKROYAL on Beach Road feature cutting-edge rain sensors, a forward-thinking initiative aimed at optimizing energy and water usage. When rain is detected, these sensors automatically trigger the shutdown of the pumps, curtailing energy consumption.

🌱- Reduced 3-5% of total electrical power annually

Water Conservation

Filtered Water Taps

Our in-room filtered water tap not only encourages responsible water consumption but also minimizes the carbon footprint arising from production, transportation and disposal of bottled water.

🌱- Reduced wastage of up to 66,000 litres of water annually

Towel Linen Reuse Programme

The hotel encourages guests to reuse their linens by incentivizing alternate-day room housekeeping with an exclusive $10 dining credit. Additionally, guests are advised to change bed linens every three days as part of our commitment to responsible resource management.

🌱- Approximate reduction of 5,000 pcs of linen sent for laundering annually


Say No To Shark Fin

Since 2018, PARKROYAL on Beach Road has removed shark fin products from both our banquet and restaurant menus.

Social & Community

Nurturing Community and Culture for Social Sustainability

PARKROYAL on Beach Road's frequent collaboration with local beneficiaries and engagement in initiatives supporting community well-being reflects our commitment to social sustainability. Our dedication extends to the conservation of cultural heritage, exemplified through guided tours showcasing the significance of Kampong Glam.

For A Good Cause

Support for Beneficiaries 

Aligned with our commitment to community involvement, the hotel supports our beneficiaries through in-kind sponsorships, along with the curation of skill-building activities aimed at fostering the growth of beneficiaries and generating proceeds for their future endeavours.

💝 Festive Collaboration with Extraordinary People - The hotel extends its support for the Extraordinary People during the last festive seasons. In the spirit of Christmas 2022, Mooncake Festival 2023 and Chinese New Year 2023, we collaborated with Extraordinary People on heartwarming art projects, such as crafting festive baubles and offering them for sale. All proceeds which summed up to a total of SGD4,008 from the sale of the festive baubles were channelled back to Extraordinary People, serving as a donation to support their activities for individuals with special needs.

💝 Inclusive Art Exhibition with Extraordinary People - A charity dinner held in May 2023 in collaboration with Extraordinary People. The event aimed to raise funds for the Inclusive Arts Exhibition, featuring artworks crafted by individuals with disabilities. The showcased pieces were made available for purchase, and the proceeds go directly to the organization, advancing the cause of inclusive art.


Cultural Conservation

Guided Kampong Glam Tour for In-House Guests

As part of our cultural sustainability efforts, PARKROYAL on Beach Road provides a complimentary Kampong Glam Tour every Wednesday for in-house guests. This initiative aims to promote the deep-rooted culture and history of the Kampong Glam district, a significant area in Singapore with rich heritage, cultures, and values. Emphasizing the historical importance of Beach Road, where the hotel is situated, we believe it is crucial to pass on this educational experience, ensuring that future generations can remember and appreciate our cultural heritage.



Fostering Artistic Sustainability

PARKROYAL on Beach Road upholds a commitment to support the local and inclusive art scene. Throughout our guest rooms and hotel lobby, carefully curated sculptures, ornaments, and artworks by local artists and artists with disabilities stand as a testament to our pledge. 

Supporting the Local Art Scene

Local Artist Exhibition

PARKROYAL on Beach Road exemplifies a commitment to the local arts community by showcasing a curated collection of artworks in our dedicated art corridor. We encourages artists who display their art pieces at our hotel to channel a portion of their sales proceeds to support local charities and communities, championing meaningful causes.

🎨 Jong Lee Kee, a local artist had her artworks displayed from October to December 2023, where a significant 10% of the sales proceeds from these pieces are contributed to Community Chest, a local charity organization.

Appreciating Art

Artwork Showcase in Rooms and Common Areas

Art pieces and sculptures are prominently displayed throughout the hotel, gracing guest rooms and common areas like the lobby and corridors. These artistic expressions predominantly feature creations by local artists, embodying the cultural and heritage elements of the Kampong Glam District