The Rose Garden Palace, Dhaka

Explore one of Dhaka’s most iconic buildings at the Rose Garden Palace. Built in the late 19th century, this stunning building holds a unique place in Dhaka's history as a political site and remains one of the most prominent pieces of architecture in the city today.

History of the Rose Garden Palace

Despite its name, the Rose Garden is not a garden but a private residence, built as a means of hosting parties and other live entertainment by a Hindu zamindar named Hrikesh Das. The local story goes that Hrishikesh was insulted at a jalsas party held at the nearby Baldha Garden and thus decided to build his own residence to outshine Baldha where he could stage parties of his own.

While the palace has changed owners many times since, the building remains one of the most striking in Dhaka. The stunning white façade, Corinthian columns and elegant classical marble statues are a snapshot of another time. The lush gardens on the grounds, decorated with beautiful flowers, trees and a large pond only add to the Rose Garden’s appeal.

Getting to the Rose Garden Palace

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