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Live The High Life At The Hydro-Therapeutic Spa

After a long day, there’s nothing better than having quiet time for your mind and body to recharge. Forget the crowded pool or late-night bar—in fast-paced, crowded Singapore, space and premium relaxation are hard to find.

Instead, consider the five-stage Hydro-Therapeutic Spa at Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard, where guests can enjoy unparalleled privacy and comfort.

One full session with five stages lasts from 45 minutes to one hour. As a self-service Singapore spa, the hydro-therapeutic spa allows you to repeat the entire hot-cold process for a longer session to maximise its health benefits for you.

Stage 1: Cleanse your worries in the Rain Shower

The first step to your complete rejuvenation process is the Rain Shower. The calm stream of water from the shower heads puts your mind at ease, slowly taking you away from the day’s troubles.

Stage 2: Re-energise your body in the Hot Pool

After the Rain Shower, dip into the Hot Pool, heated to an energising 40 degrees Celsius. The pool is also equipped with hydrotherapy jets, aligned in a specific pattern to provide you with maximum comfort.

The flow of hot water can cleanse each pore deeply and thoroughly, while helping you let go of the day’s stress.

Stage 3. Capture the Calm at the Warm Pool

Once the unwanted stuff is out, you want to keep the good stuff in. That is where the Warm Pool comes into the scene.

Also equipped with the same hydrotherapeutic jets, the water in the pool is optimally set at room temperature to lock in your body’s natural moisture and antitoxins.

Stage 4. Pamper your body with a Water Body Massage and Stone Walk

Stage 4 takes you on a two-tier treatment. At your own pace and comfort level, step on the Stone Walk for some toxin-busting foot reflexology.

At the same time, water jets from two directions will mimic the hands of a masseuse, providing you with relaxation from top to toe.

Stage 5. Release any Lingering Toxins in the Steam Room

The final step is also the most exciting. At the Steam Room, set your desired temperature and allow the hot airflow to take care of any remaining toxins from the previous stages of the treatment. This should not exceed 20 minutes.

Learn more about Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, and tour its state-of-the-art Hydro-Therapeutic Spa while you are here. Complemented by the fitness centre with Technogym equipment and an ionised outdoor water pool, the Singapore serviced suites are ready for you to embrace your inner zen.

** Please note that the spa is not recommended for individuals with hypertension or heart problems.

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