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GROOVE Room designed by Yoshiaki Kaihatsu


Choice of a King-sized Bed or Twin Beds

City View


Room Details

1) Casette Tape
The name of the hotel, "GROOVE," refers to the keyword "music," and this guest room features a playlist of sounds from the city collected by Kaihatsu, evoking nostalgia. The walls are adorned with genuine cassettes, and guests can freely listen to them on one of the three boomboxes in the room. Take a walk down memory lane listening to the sounds of Shinjuku’s past at one of the most unique hotels in Tokyo, while gazing out the window and relishing in the view of the present-day city and soundscape.
2) Picasso 147801
In this room, Kaihatsu invites you to become a collaborator in his project to surpass the number of works in Picasso’s lifetime. Bring home one object from the room and take a photograph of it, creating an artwork under Kaihatsu’s collection. Let your imagination run wild as you surround yourself with a plethora of artworks and feel the charm of the free and energetic city of Shinjuku.

3) Styrofoam
The guest room is inspired by one of Kaihatsu's most renowned works, Styrofoam, which utilizes actual Styrofoam that is often discarded as garbage. Kaihatsu utilises Styrofoam from temporary enclosures at the site, creating a permanent art installation that evokes "memories of the site." Kaihatsu personally painted all of the Styrofoam pictures on the walls, and lighting fixtures made from real Styrofoam provide a beautiful display of light filtering through the material, where you can experience its beauty first-hand. 

Artist Website: http://anomalytokyo.com/artist/yoshiaki-kaihatsu/

In-room Amenities

For Your Comfort
  • King-sized or twin beds
  • Sofa
  • Bathtub
  • Rain shower
  • Hairdryer
  • Air-conditioning system
For Your Indulgence
  • 43" LCD Smart television with local channels
  • Refrigerator
  • Washing machine
For Your Convenience
  • Smart Desk telephone
  • Toll local and overseas telephone service
  • Complimentary wireless Internet
  • In-room safe