Suzhou Tourist Attractions | Local Attractions in Suzhou

Experience Suzhou

An old saying goes, “In heaven there is paradise, and on earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou.” Exquisite gardens, ancient bridges, and peaceful canals make Suzhou a fascinating place to discover.

Explore famous Suzhou tourist attractions such as Lake Taihu, Hanshan Temple, Ming/Qing Dynasty Gardens, West Garden, the renowned Master of Nets Garden, and the Lingering Garden Temple. Or, enjoy a leisurely walk around the Panmen Scenic area, take a cruise down a canal, and pay homage to the icon of Suzhou, Tiger Hill. For the city’s modern side, venture into the Suzhou New District or China-Singapore Industrial Park.

City Moat Cruise

It is impossible to appreciate the essence of Suzhou without an evening cruise down the ancient moat of the city. When the streetlights come on and the moon comes out, the surrounding area is transformed into a magical place – making this a highlight not to be missed.