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Enjoy a rejuvenating stay with us

A good night's sleep has become the ultimate modern luxury, and we at Pan Pacific Orchard are dedicated to making your stay not just comfortable, but truly indulgent and rejuvenating. 

Introducing our Happy Sleeper's programme, available for guests staying in our suites and lofts, as well as for Pan Pacific DISCOVERY members of Platinum tier and above, designed to provide you with the ultimate sleep experience. From therapeutic pillow mists to relaxing yoga and calming reads, we invite you to join us a journey towards tranquillity and well-being. 


Happy Sleepers offers a host of thoughtful touches that evoke the five senses, built upon the three main pillars of the programme - Bedding Collection, Slumber Supper and Sleep Enhancers. These services comprise both complimentary and chargeable options that caters to individual’s preferences.

Bedding Collection

Foundation for a good sleep. Our three-layer bed furnishing comprising of the mattress, topper, and duvet is a masterful set-up that promises a complete and rested night's sleep.

Mattress - Offers the right balance of superior comfort and support, providing you with the ultimate repose at the end of each day. 

Topper - Elevating your nightly rest with cloud-like, contoured support. Our mattress topper also helps to regulate body temperature and ensures maximum breathability for an optimal night's rest.

Duvet - Be lulled to sleep as you snuggle in plush comfort and nestle in the downy softness of our luxurious 90% goose down duvet. Likened to a cosy and warm embrace, fall into complete full-body relaxation for a
soothing rest.

Slumber Supper

A warm drink and light nibbles before bed enhance sleep quality, improve restlessness, and help you to fall asleep quicker. Gently ease into slumber with a complimentary serving of warm oat milk or chamomile tea, paired with delicious milo chocolate truffles and cinnamon pâte de fruits.

Sleep Enhancers

Our sleep enhancer experiences are particularly effective in priming the body and preparing the mind for a deep, thorough rest. Designed to meet a variety of relaxation preferences, our sleep enhancers are here to help you wind down at the end of each day. 

Bath & Spa Experience

Bathing or showering in warm water before bedtime encourages your body to fall asleep faster, leading to a significantly better quality of sleep.

Choose from the complimentary bath menu that features high quality spa products from St. Gregory spa, or customise your bath experience with optional food and massages.


Aromatic Sleep Therapy

Scents consist of natural compounds that are effective in easing minds into a tranquil state, elevating the quality of your sleep, and promoting thoroughly rested nights. 
Before resting, opt for a complimentary scenting ritual, crafted and formulated by a scent artisan specialising in high-quality, all-natural fragrances and aromatic mood enhancers.
Pillow mist - Ease into the ultimate relaxation and soothing sleep with the sedative powers of aromatherapy, crafted with your wellness and sleep routines in mind.

Meditation & Yoga

Our sleep meditation playlist features a variety of soothing and relaxing music to accompany you as you wind down for the day.

Click here to access the meditation playlist.

Read to Sleep

Restfulness from within - A good book can help you drift off to dreamland easier and quicker. The benefits of reading go further than just stimulating the mind. When reading, your mind stops thinking about the day’s worries, creating a stress-free state of mind. Your muscles also relax and your breathing slows down, leaving you calmer and ready for a night of rested sleep.

Happy Sleepers Guidebook

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