Sustainability | Pan Pacific Orchard

Commitment to Sustainability

Soaring above Singapore’s prime shopping belt within the iconic Orchard precinct, Pan Pacific Orchard is a verdant sanctuary blending graceful Asian hospitality with exemplary architectural design that draws nature inwards, epitomising Singapore's unique position as a City in Nature.

Envisioned by WOHA as a new prototype for high-rise tropical hospitality, Pan Pacific Orchard is one of Singapore’s few luxury hotels designed with the environment in mind. The property's bold architectural approach integrates design with nature seamlessly, underpinned by conscious practices employed throughout the hotel. 

Defined by biophilic design, Pan Pacific Orchard embodies the vision of sustainable hospitality and graceful luxury by Pan Pacific Hotels Group, and has obtained the Green Mark Platinum rating, awarded by Singapore's Building and Construction Authority to recognise projects whose design and performance adhere to best practices in environmental sustainability. 

As a member of the Green Collection within the GHA DISCOVERY programme, Pan Pacific Orchard is recognised for its leadership in sustainability, having been voted as the ‘Favourite Green Collection Hotel’ in 2023. This accolade highlights the hotel's dedication to a sustainable future, aligning with a global portfolio of hotels that exemplify commitment to eco-friendly practices and social responsibility.

Read more about our sustainability efforts with the fact sheet here.

Recipient of GSTC Multi-Site Certification for Sustainable Tourism

Pan Pacific Orchard is GSTC-certified. As a recipient of the prestigious Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) certification for Sustainable Tourism, this achievement underscores our commitment to leading the way in sustainable hospitality, and reinforcing our position as a leader in environmentally-conscious hospitality. 

The GSTC Criteria embody the gold standard for sustainable travel and tourism, focusing on critical areas such as sustainability planning, local community engagement, preservation of cultural heritage, and environmental conservation. 
For more information, visit the link here.

Greenery from Within

With four distinct environments inspired by Singapore’s various landscapes, Pan Pacific Orchard brims with more than 12,000 square metres of foliage, transporting guests to the forest, the beach, the gardens, and into the clouds. 

Forest Terrace offers guests an immediate respite from the hustle and bustle of Orchard in a 3-dimensional forest with a myriad of tropical plant species around the edges of a stepping waterfall and landscaped pond. Beach Terrace is a tropical oasis with an organically-shaped emerald lagoon, a meandering sandy beachfront and giant sandcastle dunes between groves of palms, sea hibiscus and pandanus, all coastal species found at the seaside. Garden Terrace offers a curated garden setting with a foyer designed as a square gazebo with framed passageways and a bronze water sculpture in the centre. Cloud Terrace is an urban destination that houses the Claymore Ballroom, Scott’s Room and an outdoor event space up in the sky, set in between silver-hued plantings, reflective pools and a perforated mirror ceiling. 


Low-emissivity glass filters ample natural daylight and together with double-glazed glass, achieves energy saving by keeping the interior ambient temperature cooler by almost two degrees Celsius, for the same amount of energy used. 

Motion sensors have been installed in all guestrooms and public areas that enable intelligent temperature control and efficient use of energy. The motion sensors power down lights and air-conditioning in the guestrooms when no guest presence is detected. 

Encouraging guests to adopt sustainable practices are in-room filtered water dispensers and recycling bins in all guest rooms. 


The building's energy, water and waste building systems are integrated with each other: 360 photovoltaic panels on the roof generate clean energy that supplements the building’s energy usage; rainwater is harvested to irrigate the greenery; and a bio-digester system transforms food waste into cleaning water.

Design of the terraces allows cross ventilation, self-shading and daylighting, reducing overall dependency on energy, and creating a unique urban resort ambience with natural light and fresh air, aided by low-energy dry mist fans in strategic areas that reduce the need for air-conditioning and artificial lighting.

Greenery and water bodies create environmental buffers and surfaces that cool the temperature and help to combat the urban heat island effect. The plants provide further valuable ecosystem services like regulating air quality and sequestering carbon dioxide.