Packing Guide for Holiday | Travel Tips: The top 10 things to pack

Travel Tips: The top 10 things to pack in your bag before take-off

One of the moments when the reality of your upcoming holiday finally hits you (other than arriving at the airport) has to be when you start packing your suitcase. While it can be a daunting experience for some, there is an efficient way to pack your luggage so that you are prepared and do not have to worry about overweight baggage.

To help ease your worries, the team at PARKROYAL Melbourne Airport has created the ultimate packing guide for holiday before heading off.

1. Passport

Although this seems like an obvious one, your passport is definitely an item that can be easily forgotten during the mad rush to the airport. We recommend putting a reminder on your phone to alert you around 5 minutes before leaving to make sure that this important piece of documentation is in your bag.

Travel Tip: It is also recommended to have digital copies of your passport, driver’s licence and travel insurance with you. This could be through photos on your devices and with family members back home.


2. Adapters

Let’s face it, you’re going to need to charge a lot of electronic devices during your trip. Depending on the country you’re visiting, you will most likely need a universal adapter to do so. The electricity sockets in Australia uses 240 volts with the plugs with two flat metal pins shaped like a “V”.


3. Undergarments

You should always pack extra as this is something you do NOT want to be caught without! Same applies to socks.  


4. Weather-appropriate clothing

Research the weather and opt in for light layers or thick, warm layers depending on where you’re travelling to. You will want to pack a light jumper, even if you are going somewhere where the sun is always shining as it might cool down at night.  


5. Travel size toiletries

This one might go without saying. Hygiene should not be neglected on a holiday and you will feel better having the body wash and deodorant that you use daily at home. We offer travel size toiletries from St Gregory Spa in all our rooms that you can take with you. Very convenient!



6. Laundry bag

A laundry bag will make your life easier when you return home from your holiday and have to do that dreaded load of holiday washing. . 


7. Cash

Bringing cash of the local currency of where you are going, as well as some emergency cash in your home currency, is always a good idea. Many places might only accept cash, especially if you are going to be diving into a delicious adventure of local cuisine. 


8. Anti-bacterial wet wipes

This will be your best friend throughout the trip. From the moment you take your seat on the airplane, you will appreciate having these ready in your bag.


9. Medicines

Just in case a nasty headache comes along or if your stomach isn’t adjusting to the new local flavours of your destination, you will feel much better having some medication on the ready. 


10. Luggage locks

Of course, the locks will need to be accepted by the TSA but will come in handy especially if you will be travelling to multiple destinations or sharing a room with new people. 




The best part of holiday preparation? In our opinion, it's buying the snacks for the journey! Enjoy this time because before you know it, you will be in the departure line coming home.

Forgot something? Contact our friendly associates at PARKROYAL Melbourne Airport and we will try our best to help you. Our hotel is adjacent to the Melbourne Airport and has some clear advantages such as hassle-free stopovers but that’s not all. If you stay with us, you can take road trips within 90 minutes of Melbourne city in between flights! 

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