What To Eat Before A Flight | Travel Tips Before Your Next Flight

Travel Tips: What to eat before jetting off on your next flight

If you have a trip coming right up, you know it means it's feast time and diet later. However, it might be best to enter into this indulgently wonderful routine of eating all you can see, once you land in your exotic and exciting destination. Depending on the food you choose to enjoy before heading down to the terminal, it could end up significantly impacting your experience during the flight.

To help you have the best trip possible, the team at PARKROYAL Melbourne Airport has listed what to eat before a flight.

Stay Hydrated

Keep your body hydrated as you travel. Before a flight, you should try to drink at least 1 litre of water. Especially if your flight is over 4 hours, you need to aim to keep drinking at least a cup of water each hour. Avoiding dehydration is your main goal. If you want to get a little bit fancy, you can add slices of lemon or cucumber to your bottle of water.


Spreads & Dips

While nut butters and dips like hummus will most likely not be allowed on your flight, having some of these with cut up vegetables or crackers before your flight will help keep your hunger levels down. As well as this, you will be getting that protein kick you need to survive the journey ahead.


Classic Sandwiches and Wraps

Sometimes there isn’t anything better than enjoying a nice, freshly made sandwich. Before a flight this can work perfectly as it will fill you up without making you feel bloated and heavy. Including some tuna in this can help you feel full for longer. 





Brown rice, quinoa and chia seeds are all types of grains that can help you feel great before a flight. You can incorporate these in a majority of your meals, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. Muesli bars also include these grains and some fruit, making them a snack that is easy to travel with!


Stay healthy with magnesium-rich foods

This refers to your leafy greens, such as kale and spinach, as well as avocado, pecans, almonds and bananas. These make healthy and fulfilling snacks that you can eat as you please! If you’re staying at PARKROYAL Melbourne Airport before your flight, we have a delicious buffet breakfast spread at Airo Restaurant, which includes all of these foods, some incorporated in freshly pressed juices!


Fruit Smoothies

One way to have most of the above magnesium-rich foods as well as getting all the goodness found in fruit and vegetables, is to purchase a refreshing smoothie or juice to sip on as you wander through duty-free shopping in the airport. Aiming for a juice that has oranges, leafy greens or tomatoes in it, is a great way to protect your immune system with some Vitamin C. We all know how many germs can be floating around on an airplane! Ginger is also a great ingredient to make sure you include in your fruit drink.



Make sure you have some of the above foods before flying so that you are feeling holiday ready. While having a celebratory wine to rejoice that your trip is finally here is understandable, it is also ideal to make sure you’re feeling ready to take on all the exciting adventures coming your way.

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