Green Hotels in Melbourne | Sustainability Initiatives at PARKROYAL

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our team at PARKROYAL Monash Melbourne – one of the leading green hotels in Melbourne – is committed to working responsibly and ethically to improve our sustainability and reduce our impact on the environment. We are on a journey of sustainability for the long-term, and consistently seek for greater integration of sustainability into the way we operate and strive towards our commitment to become a global citizen of our planet and a champion for environmental responsibility.

At PARKROYAL Monash Melbourne, we deliver on this commitment by implementing a range of sustainability initiatives throughout the hotel's operations, such as:

Active Water Conservation Initiative

We engage in an active water conservation initiative by using the linen reuse option and towel reuse program. We also installed low-flow showerheads in guest rooms.

Thoughtfully-sourced and Ethically-made Furniture

Much of our furniture is made and manufactured locally, with certification by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) and Greenguard.

Reducing Plastic Waste
Local Australian products are used in our hotel. We are moving away from plastic and using bamboo based products. 98% fresh fruit and vegetables are now delivered in non-poly coated cardboard. We have replaced our plastic straws with bio-degradable straws.


Reducing Food Waste
We implemented a food waste program using the Pulpmaster to generate electricity and reduce emissions. For every tonne of food waste through Pulpmaster machine, we could power 22.9 households, diversion from landfill leading to 1.9 tonnes of emission reduction.

Energy-Efficient Lights
All lights are energy-efficient LED lights in all guest rooms, public areas and back of house areas. All office spaces, meeting rooms, guest corridors and carparks, are installed with light sensors that will turn lights off when not in use. We implemented key cards electricity activated system in all accommodation rooms. Our key cards are also reusable/reprogrammable cards.

Soap Aid
Soap Aid is an environmental impact reduction program, managed by the hotel's housekeeping team. Soap Aid is a not-for-profit organisation committed to saving children’s lives through improved hygiene while positively impacting the environment! We implemented refillable body soap and shampoo dispensers in all accommodation showers.

Offset Energy Consumption
Our solar panels installed on the hotel roof contribute around 20kw, which helps offset our energy consumption.

Recycling Program
An active recycling program is in place. At least 70% of hotel waste is recycled. We recycle all fluorescent tubes, light bulbs, batteries, scrap metal and electronic devices.Remove single-use plastic amenities and reduce printed collaterals moving to digital assets.


PARKROYAL Monash Melbourne strives to do more and incorporate new ideas creating an awareness around the need for change and education of associates, guests and business partners. We continuously evolve to adapt to new technologies, systems and practices to help deliver a more sustainable and responsible hotel environment.