Experience a remarkable dining experience brimming with inventive gastronomy, crafted to tantalize your senses while you soak in the breath-taking panoramic vista at an impressive 200 meters above ground.

Restaurant Bellustar

Join us in an ever-evolving culinary experience, as we showcase ingredients sourced from various regions of Japan and celebrate the distinct flavours of the local climate.

Bar Bellustar

The exquisite and dazzling view, delightful menu, and immersive performances culminate in an unparalleled indulgence for those seeking a unique bar experience.

Teppan "Ten-yu"

Savour the luxury of exquisite Japanese ingredients, including the finest Wagyu beef, prepared before your very eyes by our skilled chef.

Sushi "JIN-È"

Each roll of sushi is expertly crafted by our master chef, who uses a unique vinegar blend and meticulously prepares the finest fish with utmost attention to detail. Dining with us ensures an unparalleled quality that will tantalize even the most refined palate.