Restaurants in Shinjuku | Dining Restaurants at BELLUSTAR TOKYO


Discover a dining experience that takes you on a journey through the regions of Japan. Immerse yourself in local cultures and savour the bounty of the seasons prepared with the finesse of our accomplished chefs. Dine under the stars as you take in the breathtaking city vistas, 200 metres above ground.

Restaurant Bellustar

Dine on inventive gastronomy as our chefs deliver exquisite interpretations of French tradition while showcasing ingredients sourced from various regions of Japan.

Bar Bellustar

Get set for a modern bar experience like no other, combining breathtaking city views, innovative cocktails and immersive performances.

Teppan "Ten-yu"

Indulge in a feast for the eyes and palate at Teppan Ten-yu, where our skilled chefs prepare a customised menu of exquisite Japanese ingredients in front of you, with a breathtaking night view of the city skyline in the background.

Sushi "JIN-È"

The art of sushi comes to life at Sushi JIN-E, where each nigiri is expertly crafted by our master chef with rice seasoned with a secret vinegar recipe and fish prepared with utmost attention to detail. For a taste of pure Japanese tradition, Sushi JIN-E will please even the most refined palate.