Experience Vancouver

Home to the largest GLBT community on the western side of Canada, it is easy to find many open and progressive establishments in Vancouver. Take part in one of the city’s many GLBT festivities throughout the year.

GLBT Vancouver

Vancouver is home to the largest gay population in Western Canada, with the West End and Commercial Drive neighbourhoods primarily offering a range of restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs, shops and boutiques that cater specifically to GLBT customers. In these neighbourhoods and throughout Vancouver, gay-friendly businesses often identify themselves with rainbow flag decals.

Festival and Events

The Vancouver Pride Parade is an annual celebration that should not be missed. Other festivals include Gay Day at Playland, Picnic in the Park and Pride in Art.

Legal Gay Marriages

Vancouver is renowned internationally as a gay-friendly city and same-sex marriages have been legal in British Columbia since 2003. Locals and visitors can both get married here, with a marriage license and civil ceremony being all you need to be legally married.