Eco Friendly Hotel Singapore | PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering



The Green Icon in the heart of the City

Designed by world-renowned architects WOHA, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering is an iconic eco-friendly hotel in Singapore, with a stunning ‘hotel-in-a-garden’ concept that incorporates energy-saving features and seamlessly blends cutting-edge environmentally-friendly practices and technologies throughout the building, Awarded 'World's Leading Green City Hotel' in the prestigious World Travel Awards, the hotel positions Singapore as a world leader of green high-rise developments.


An overview of the hotel's green efforts can be found in our infographics. 


Landscape and Greenery

  • Fifty different varieties of plants have been used to create a 15,000m2 lush tropical urban high-rise garden
  • Features dense layered and large leaved exotic planting like Monsteras, Alocasias & Calatheas as well as ferns and palm varieties 
  • A combination of shade loving textured ferns, palms and shrubs were planted, addressing the varying natural light and wind conditions along the four sides of the building 
  • Flora species ranging from shade trees, tall palms, flowering plants, leafy shrubs and overhanging creepers encourage bio-diversity in the city  
  • Ferns, Mondo grass (Ophiopogon), Alocasia and Euterpe Palms minimise potential pest attacks and lower the maintenance efforts 
  • The vast greenery absorbs heat, shades hard surfaces and the evaporative transpiration results in improved air quality 
  • Rain harvesting, auto-irrigation & fertigation systems installed for all the planter areas ensure that through time-controlled drip nozzles, slow, steady and precise amounts of water and nutrients are provided 

Green Features and Innovation

  • 262 solar panels installed on the roof generate clean renewable energy
  • EV charging stations are available and electric car is used for guest transfers
  • Short building depth maximises the amount of daylight reaching internal spaces
  • High performance glass cuts out solar heat and provides an abundance of natural daylight  
  • Photo sensors are strategically placed to monitor the light levels  
  • Energy efficient lamps (LED and T5 type fluorescent lamps) and water efficient fittings are used throughout the building where appropriate 


  • More than 50% of guestroom corridors are reminiscent of attractive garden spaces with natural light and fresh air 
  • Separate recycling bins for plastic, glass and paper in all guest rooms 
  • Water filter dispenser in all guestrooms replaces single-use plastic bottles
  • All-natural products with recycled composite granite used for bathtubs, sinks and vanity tops
  • Large windows allow maximum natural light in, reducing the need for artificial lighting
  • Premium amenities are presented in pump bottles that are biodegradable, paraben-free and cruelty free

Food and Beverage

  • The rooftop Urban Farm provides fresh ingredients for farm-to-table dining, which reduces hotel's reliance on food deliveries and lowers carbon footprint
  • Our conscious-dining programme features a selection of dishes that are nutritious, low in food waste and use locally sourced ingredients
  • Lime Bar concocts signature eco-friendly cocktails that are designed with zero waste in mind. Every part of the fruit, such as seeds and skin, is fully extracted to produce quality and delicious drinks
  • Biodegradable napkins and potato starch straws are used instead of paper serviettes and single-use plastic straws 
  • Recycling of food waste using energy-efficient food waste digesters 
  • Fresh greens harvested from the hotel's herb garden and sustainably-sourced natural produce are used to create mouth-watering dishes
  • Food waste digester converts food waste into greywater, which is responsibly discharged into sewage instead of landfill