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Our Concierge Recommends

Activities in Vancouver
Looking for things to do in Vancouver while you’re staying at our downtown Vancouver hotel? Our Concierge has put together a wonderful list of activities in Vancouver, including some unexplored and hidden jewels.

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Top 20 Things to do in Vancouver during the winter months:

  1. Explore Vancouver on foot. Many sights and lovely neighbourhoods are within easy walking distance. Just stop by the Concierge for great walking maps and suggestions.
  2. Get a bird’s eye view of Vancouver on a seaplane tour. Various tours are available year round.
  3. Try LaStone Therapy, an original stone massage, at Pan Pacific Vancouver’s Spa Utopia and Salon.
  4. Encounter a baby Beluga Whale at the Vancouver Aquarium.
  5. Vancouver is home to several professional sports teams, the most famous being the Vancouver Canucks Hockey team. Hockey season runs from September-April (or longer if the Canucks make the playoffs)! Be sure to see a live game to experience the great atmosphere at the always-packed Rogers Arena.
  6. Feel more curious about Vancouver? Go on one of the fabulous guided Vancouver City Tours, where you will learn lots from the very knowledgeable and professional tour guides. Just visit the Concierge to book a tour.
  7. Afraid of heights? Tackle the Capilano Suspension Bridge; then enjoy the Treetops Adventure on the other side of the bridge – a squirrel’s view high above in the trees as well as the newly opened cliff walk. Lots of fun and excitement!! Make sure to visit the Capilano Bridge during the magical Capilano Canyon lights display in the winter season.
  8. Take one of the 3 Hop-On-Hop-Off tour buses available in Vancouver. The closest pick up point is conveniently located right in front of the Pan Pacific Hotel.
  9. Explore the delights of Granville Island with its public market, many arts and crafts shops, artisan galleries, fresh produce and famous Kids Only Market. Try some salmon jerky while you are there – it’s a local delight. You can even explore Vancouver’s False Creek by cruising on one of the small ferries.
  10. Take a Walking Tour of Vancouver’s oldest and most historic City, Gastown…don’t miss the steam clock and be sure to have a cup of coffee in one of the many coffee shops in the old part of the neighborhood’s surroundings.
  11. Take a seaplane ride to Victoria on Vancouver Island, spend the day exploring and visit the world famous Butchart Gardens. Return by ferry back to Vancouver, to enjoy the sunset as you sail through the Gulf Islands.
  12. Learn more about First Nations culture at the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia or the Bill Reid Gallery downtown. Learn about Vancouver’s history by visiting the Museum of Vancouver at beautiful Vanier Park.
  13. Five Sails invites you to experience their unforgettable combination of breathtaking views of Vancouver, award-winning West Coast cuisine and gracious hospitality in their newly renovated restaurant located at the five-star hotel , Pan Pacific Vancouver.
  14.  Enjoy the marvelous and delicious Opera Buffet at the Pan Pacific on Saturday nights. Or enjoy a cocktail from the Cascades Lounge, with a spectacular view of Stanley Park.
  15. Love skiing or snowboarding? Try our local ski hill called Grouse Mountain. On a clear day or night you have magnificent ocean and city views over downtown Vancouver. Also, a daytrip to Whistler, our famous ski resort, is well worth it and only a short two-hour ride away. Please see the Concierge for shuttle bus information.
  16. Wondering about shows in town? Just visit www.ticketmaster.ca for upcoming entertainment or ask the Concierge.
  17. Make it a point to explore some of Vancouver’s lovely neighborhoods: Visit Kitsilano along 4th Avenue west of Burrard for independent shops and delicious restaurants. Visit the colourful West End by walking along Denman and Davie Streets. Find high-end boutiques and art galleries on South Granville or enjoy bargain shopping on Main Street, with funky boutiques and second-hand antique stores from Broadway to 30th. Make sure to include our trendy Yaletown district for great dining, boutiques and people watching.
  18. Go cross-country skiing or snow shoeing on Cypress or Grouse Mountain. End the day with a hot toddy, cheese or chocolate fondue. You can also visit Mount Seymour in North Vancouver for tobogganing or snow tubing.
  19.  Visit the famous Butchart Gardens in Victoria, which twinkle with lights during the wintertime. Also make sure to take in downtown Victoria and have Afternoon Tea at the beautiful and magnificent Empress Hotel. Kindly contact the Concierge for ways of getting there.
  20. Explore Vancouver’s most affluent and most exclusive neighbourhoods with comfort and style! Hire a professional limousine driver. www.legacylimousine.ca Cruise around in your shiny, elegant limousine through the well-kept streets and manicured lawns of some of the wealthiest postal codes in Canada; British Properties, West Vancouver, Shaughnessy and Point Grey.

95 Things You (May) Have Never Done in Vancouver

  1. Get a workout with stunning views – climb the Grouse Grind at Grouse Mountain.
  2. Explore the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. This Ming Dynasty-style garden is tucked away behind protective walls in the heart of Chinatown.
  3. Try LaStone Therapy, an original stone massage, at Pan Pacific Vancouver’s Spa Utopia and Salon.
  4. Take the Indian Arm Luncheon Cruise with Harbour Cruises, and see the city from a different perspective. Enjoy spectacular scenery along 18km of coastal mountain fjords, right in our backyard.
  5. Afraid of heights? Tackle the Capilano Suspension Bridge, then enjoy the Treetops walk on the other side of the bridge.
  6. Explore the wonderful Kids Only Market on Granville Island.
  7. Go whale watching and view the majestic Orca Whales. Tours available from Vancouver and Victoria (summer months only).
  8. Take a Walking Tour of Vancouver’s oldest and most historic City, Gastown….don’t miss the steam clock and be sure to have a cup of coffee in one of the many cafes in the old part of the neighborhood.
  9. Learn more about our First Nations culture at the Vancouver Museum at Vanier Park.
  10. Immerse yourselves in the rich cultural products of the Punjabi Market, only 15 minutes from downtown and accessible via public transportation.
  11. Escape the tourist traps and shop Main Street’s funky boutiques.
  12. Explore Vancouver’s fascinating beginnings at the Museum of Anthropology, located at the University of British Columbia campus.
  13. Rent a bicycle and cruise the forested trails of UBC’s Endowment Lands.
  14. Explore Chinatown on a walking tour or take a guided tour of the area.
  15. Bowl them over at the funky Commodore Lanes & Billiards in downtown Vancouver (5 pin bowling).
  16. Get a bird’s eye view of Vancouver on a helicopter or seaplane tour.
  17. Rent rollerblades and whiz through Stanley Park along the famous sea wall.
  18. Sip a martini in a rainstorm during happy hour at Bridges Restaurant on the waterfront.
  19. Pack a picnic to enjoy in lush Queen Elizabeth Park.
  20. Visit Commercial Drive and sip an espresso alongside the locals at an authentic Italian coffee bar.
  21. Enjoy a private sightseeing tour of Vancouver, and get an insider’s knowledge of Vancouver’s history and sites.
  22. Tour the Granville Island Brewery.
  23. Find some vintage vinyl at Zulu Records, Vancouver’s best-known record emporium.
  24. Hop a ferry over to Bowen Island for a hike in the unspoiled forest lands.
  25. Buy native art at Hills Native Art Gallery in Gastown.
  26. Encounter a baby Beluga Whale at the Vancouver Aquarium, then immerse yourself in a thrilling 4-D cinematic adventure, great for both kids and adults.
  27. Visit the Museum of Mining at Britannia Beach, once the largest copper mine in the British Empire.
  28. Take an invigorating dip in the indoor heated pool at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre (or enjoy the Pan Pacific’s heated outdoor saltwater pool—ours comes with a view!).
  29. Visit Does Your Mother Know, Vancouver’s famed magazine store on 4th Avenue.
  30. Discover Vancouver’s best kept secret…visit Jericho Sailing Club and admire the view.
  31. Take a kayaking lesson at the False Creek Community Centre on Granville Island.
  32. Go for a night at the opera. The Vancouver Opera offers seasonal performances at downtown’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre; we’ll be happy to arrange tickets for you.
  33. Ride in style…take a horse-drawn tour around the city’s famous Stanley Park.
  34. Go night skiing at Grouse Mountain. The mountain is open 365 days a year!
  35. Take windsurfing lessons on Spanish Banks, with the city skyline as your background.
  36. Go for an early morning jog through the ancient trees of Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver.
  37. Indulge in the classical music performances of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.
  38. Take in a Vancouver Canucks hockey game at the always-packed Rogers Arena.
  39. Sit on the beach of English Bay and watch the annual fireworks competition in July and August.
  40. Enjoy an annual summer event – the Vancouver Pride Parade – a fun celebration of pride, diversity and equality organized by Vancouver’s GLBT community.
  41. Take a sea plane ride out to Victoria on Vancouver Island, and spend the day exploring (don’t miss the world-famous Butchart Gardens). Return by ferry and enjoy the sunset as you sail through the Gulf Islands.
  42. Check out Bard on the Beach at Vanier park (on the water) during summer evenings, and enjoy live Shakespearean performances within the outside open tent.
  43. Wander through the magnificent VanDusen Botanical Gardens (and come in December to see the breathtaking Festival of Lights).
  44. View the gorgeous Romanesque architecture of the Vancouver Public Library.
  45. Visit Point Atkinson Lighthouse at Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver.
  46. Sit on a log at Spanish Banks or Kitsilano Beach and soak in the views of English Bay.
  47. Take a ride on one of the Hop-On, Hop-Off tour buses available in Vancouver. The closet pick up point is conveniently located right in front of the Hotel.
  48. Drive to Whytecliff Park near Horseshoe Bay (be sure to stop and enjoy the views overlooking Howe Sound).
  49. Visit the incredible exhibits at Science World, fun for the entire family.
  50. Shop name-brand boutiques on Robson Street.
  51. Enjoy Vancouver-based eco tours, the best way to see Canada’s beautiful sea life, landscapes, sceneries and wilderness.
  52. On a clear winter evening, take a snowshoe hike on Grouse Mountain.
  53. Want to enjoy the sensation of flying? Head over to Mount Seymour in North Vancouver for tobogganing or snow tubing.
  54. Visit the salmon hatchery and walk up to Cleveland Dam, then just sit and take in the world.
  55. Relax in your hotel room at Pan Pacific Vancouver and watch the giant cruise ships come in and out – you’ll notice all the happy faces on the deck. (This was one of Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite pastimes.)
  56. Visit UBC’s Nitobe Garden to view the beautiful cherry blossoms and Japanese gazebos.
  57. Go salmon fishing in Howe Sound.
  58. Want something completely different? Visit the Vancouver Police Centennial Museum, which once house both the Coroner’s Court and City Analyst’s Laboratory. Don’t miss the “Sins of the City” walking tour.
  59. Snowboard, golf and kayak in the same day – only in Vancouver!.
  60. Rent a speedboat from Granville Island and enjoy the beautiful views of the Vancouver skyline and the Georgia Strait.
  61. Enjoy the Italian Opera Buffet at the Pan Pacific Vancouver on Saturday nights.
  62. Go to a concert at the Commodore Ballroom, renowned for its sprung dance floor.
  63. Kayak in Deep Cove followed by ice cream in Deep Cove Village.
  64. Take in the spectacular views from Burnaby Mountain – don’t forget your camera!
  65. Sample wine, cold cuts and cheese at Salt Tasting Room in Blood Alley, Gastown.
  66. Go to Lynn Canyon, a free park with a suspension bridge, a picturesque creek that fills into a 30-foot pool, a waterfall, trails and an ecology centre.
  67. Take a ride on the Aquabus or False Creek Ferries, Vancouver’s famous bus ferries that stop at various points in False Creek, including Granville Island.
  68. Explore the local art galleries of Granville Island.
  69. On a rainy day, enjoy a movie at one of the theatres on Granville Street.
  70. Explore Burnaby’s lovely Central Park (and while you’re in the area, visit the shops at the Metrotown Shopping Mall).
  71. Take the skytrain up to the Waterfront station and visit the Harbour Centre for a view of greater Vancouver and the North Shore Mountains.
  72. Try to pick from over 200 gelato flavors at la casa gelato.
  73. Take a guided First Nations canoe tour of Indian Arm, a glacier-carved fjord.
  74. Bring your appetite to the Richmond Night Market and enjoy everything from bubble tea to barbecued squid.
  75. Take a scenic day trip to Whistler on a Rocky Mountaineer train.
  76. See what’s on display at the Vancouver Art Gallery (Tuesday evenings are by donation only).
  77. Enjoy theatre under the stars in Stanley Park.
  78. Discover local cheeses, produce and other delicious items at the Granville Island Market, then buy lunch from one of the many vendors, and dine overlooking False Creek.
  79. Visit historic Steveston Village (formerly one of the largest salmon canning facilities in North America) and sample some of the best fish and chips in town.
  80. Enjoy the local beaches, including Third Beach (Stanley Park’s nicest), Kitsilano Beach (Vancouver’s trendiest), or Crescent Beach on White Rock (some of the warmest water).
  81. Take a walk in the woods at Pacific Spirit Park near UBC. Even when the weather is wet, the trails are protected from the rain by all the trees and plants. It’s also a mountain bikers’ paradise.
  82. Go biking in Stanley Park. Bicycle rentals are available near the entrance of the park.
  83. Take a heart-pounding zipline tour atop Grouse Mountain.
  84. Have a two-hour nature tour on a Zodiac out of Sewell’s Marine, then take in dinner at one of the many restaurants overlooking Horseshoe Bay.
  85. Spend an afternoon perusing the stacks at MacLeod’s Books, one of Vancouver’s oldest and best book shops.
  86. Rent kayaks and canoes at Deer Lake in Burnaby.
  87. Go horseback riding along the gorgeous Squamish and Cheakamus rivers.
  88. Enjoy a picnic on the beach at Spanish Banks.
  89. View the Emily Carr paintings at the Vancouver Art Gallery.
  90. Enjoy a nine-hole round at the pitch n’ putt at Stanley Park.
  91. At lunch time, join the line-up for a “Japa Dog,” Japanese-style hotdogs famous for the unusual toppings, including seaweed and wasabi mayo.
  92. If hot dogs aren’t your thing, discover the multitudes of other gourmet food carts popular in Vancouver.
  93. Walk through Stanley Park’s rose gardens with someone you love.
  94. Window shop on Commercial Drive.
  95. Attend a dance performance at the Scotia Bank Dance Center.

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