Singapore Serviced Apartments Long Term | PARKROYAL Conditions of Stay

Terms and Conditions For Long Stay (Minimum 30 Days)


i. Mode of Payment

Payment of rent can be performed with the following methods:

a) Cash

b) Mobile money transfer (M-Pesa)

c) Credit Card

d) Bank transfer

e) Cheque

Please also note the following:

ii. Payment received by Cheque will be acknowledge with a receipt only upon reflection of the funds in the company account.

iii. All payments will be made in arrears at least 5 working days before the beginning of each calendar month

iii. Amount due for the utility bills will be paid together with the rent.



i. Holding of the Deposit

The Deposit shall be held by the Company as security for the due performance by the Client of all his/her/its covenants and obligations under this Agreement. However, reserves the right to hold the deposit as compensation in case of breach. The Deposit shall not be deemed to be or treated as a payment of Rent or any miscellaneous charges.

ii. Refund of Payment Deposit

Once the Client has duly delivered to the Company the vacant possession of the Property, the Company shall within one (1) month return the deposit to the Client, without any interest and less any deductions necessary as per the terms of this agreement.

iii. Forfeiture of Payment Deposit

If any part of the Deposit shall be forfeited by the Company in accordance herewith, the Client shall forthwith on demand by the Company increase the Deposit by the  amount so forfeited.

iv. Use of Deposit to rectify breach thereof.

If the Client breaches said covenants and obligations, then the Company shall be   entitled to apply the whole Deposit or any part thereof in to making good any breach by  the Client or to deduct from the deposit all costs and/or expenses incurred by the Client as a result of such breach, without prejudice to any right or remedy which the Client may be entitled to PROVIDED always that if the Client shall duly perform and observe all the said covenants and obligations during the whole term of the Agreement.



Upon the expiration of this Agreement, the Client may ask to extend the term of the Agreement with a monthly rent increase of no more than 10%. Confirmation of the extension is at the solo discretion of the company.

Should the extension be granted, the deposit shall also be increased accordingly for the same percentage of the rent increase and payment of the same must be performed together with the first rent payment of the extended contract.



Either party can terminate this agreement by giving a minimum of one (1) month advance notice in writing, however a termination fee will be charged for an amount of 2 months deposit if the agreement is terminated within the first 3 months and an amount of 1 month’s deposit if the agreement is terminated between the 6 months and the 9th month. Any termination after the 9th month will not attract a termination fee. 



The Company reserves the right to evict the Client and re-enter or lease the Property with immediate effect in case of breach of any of the clause in this agreement.


Responsibilities of the Client

i. The Client shall use the property only meant solely for residential purposes.

ii. The Client shall not use the Property or any part thereof for any illegal or immoral purpose.

iii. The Client shall not transfer, sublet, or share all or any part thereof of the Property to any third party in any way, without the prior written consent of the Client.

iv. Subject to the provisions of this lease, apart from the Client, no other person(s) shall be allowed to reside in the Property.

v. The Client shall use the parking in the property in accordance with the rules   of the Company.

vi. The Client shall keep safely the mechanical keys and key cards issued to them and any loss shall be charged at USD 10 per key/card.

vii. The Client shall pay the electricity bills for the previous month on the same date as the due rent, unless the same has been included in the charges.

viii. The Client shall not make any alterations or installations to the Property.

ix. Pets are not allowed in the Property.

x. The Client shall not do or permit anything which may be a nuisance or annoyance to the Company or to other Clients or visitors to the building by guests     of the Company.

xi. The Client shall not consume, stock, or keep in the Property any illegal, prohibited, hazardous or dangerous products throughout the term of the lease.

Pan Pacific Serviced Suites is a smoke-free building. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the non - smoking apartments and public areas except at those designated as Smoking. The Client shall not change in any way the existing condition of the Property except to place temporary/removable wall fixtures like photo frames and paintings which will require prior written consent of the Company. Should the Client damage, destroy or remove any of the Property (normal wear and tear excepted), the Client shall be responsible for the cost of repair, restoration or replacement of any damages and return it to the original condition as at the commencement of the tenancy within 48 hours of notification by the Company.



  • Apartment allocation subject to change.
  • A fully furnished Rental for the Property
  • Housekeeping service of the residence three times a week
  • Wi-Fi and Broadband internet access for basic use (only in 1 & 2 bedroom)
  • Satellite (Smart) television (only in 1 & 2 bedroom)
  • Washer dryer
  • Telephone with IDD
  • VRV Central Air-Conditioning system (only in 1 & 2 bedroom)
  • Use of the Gymnasium and the swimming pool
  • 24-hour security and CCTV
  • Smoking & Non- Smoking apartment
  • Water Utility Bill
  • Electricity
  • Maintenance of apartment
  • Access to the Residents Lounge
  • Telephone calls between rooms.
  • Toiletries
  • Amenities
  • Disposable Bags

The following are other services provided by the Company are not included in the payment and will be billed and paid by the Client separately.

  • Telephone calls, local, international,
  • Laundry and dry-cleaning services – personal items
  • Food & Beverage service