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Ready to get your hands wet? This is the exhibit for you. Life on the Edge is your chance to get up close and personal with the many fascinating creatures that dwell in the tide pools of Washington State’s outer coast and Puget Sound’s inland sea.
Step up, lean over and reach in – watch what happens when you gently stroke a sea cucumber. Test your fingertips against the prickly spines of a sea urchin and follow the scuttling steps of a hermit crab

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Nordic Journeys expands the Museum’s classic immigration story to include a broader understanding of Nordic life and culture as it has evolved over the last twelve thousand years.

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The Bezos Center for Innovation at Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry features 5000 square feet of exhibits which tell a story of science.
Bezos Center for Innovation showcases Seattle’s inventions, aims to inspire future entrepreneurs.

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Spirit of Flight is a juried exhibition that asks photographers to submit images they feel embody “the spirit of flight.” Selected by a jury of Museum staff and volunteers, the exhibition showcases a stunning selection of images curated from hundreds of photographs submitted by photographers from around the world. This year’s exhibition images will reflect upon the “Spirit of Flying Home.” Inspired by the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, and the boundless emotions felt the world over by returning service members and families after the extended global conflict.

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The British Invasion exhibit covers both the cars and the culture that invaded America after WWII and through the 1960s. The exhibit also celebrates the culture of Great Britain in the 1960s with The Beatles, The Cavern Club and so much of what invaded America during this era. Iconic cars displayed in this exhibit include Jaguar, Mini, Austin-Healey and Lotus.

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Ongoing | Museum of Glass
Simply put, Seattle artist Cappy Thompson paints stories on glass. Gathering the Light celebrates the story of glass blowing on an epic scale. The piece, which measures 11 1/2-feet high by 15-feet wide, depicts an elaborate landscape of colourful vignettes from a mythical world of glassmakers. Trumpet blowing fish, an entourage of visitors, and a footbridge leading to the Temple of Muses.