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Singapore Holidays: Itineraries for Every Budget

Looking for things to do in Singapore this weekend? Wondering what to do on a Singapore staycation? You can enjoy the best of the Lion City on any travel budget—there are great options for those who prefer to save, as well as those who’re willing to splurge!

If this is your first time in Singapore, take note that it’s one of the most walkable cities in the world—sidewalks are well-maintained and urban greenery is commonplace. Going on foot is the surest way to discover hidden-gem attractions, as well as under-the-radar dining and shopping spots. Pair this with Singapore’s impeccable public safety record, and you have a city that’s made for the pleasure of a 24/7 walking holiday.

Need ideas for the best places to visit or top things to do in Singapore? PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore, has a list of standout Singapore holiday experiences for every budget:

  1. Where to Go in Singapore without Spending Money
  2. Best Places to See in Singapore for S$50 and under
  3. What to Splurge on in Singapore

For more travel or accommodation advice, contact our team at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore. We’re always happy to assist you, and we hope to welcome you at our hotel!


1. Where to Go in Singapore without Spending Money

New in Singapore and looking for free places to visit? Start your Singapore sojourn here!


Explore Local Neighbourhoods on a Local Bus

Hop on a public bus to explore local neighbourhoods! If you stay at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore, you can take a six-minute walk to a nearby bus stop at the Esplanade, to access buses that serve neighbourhoods across the country. 

Here are three rides that you can consider:



Bus Service 162M: This will take you through the city centre, where you’ll pass the shopping belt of Orchard Road. The bus will then proceed along the upscale Novena neighbourhood, where you’ll find several suburban malls (e.g. Square 2) with interesting restaurant and cafe options. Other notable stops along the 162M route include MacRitchie Reservoir, Upper Thomson Road (popular with locals for its eateries and cafes), and the Bright Hill Monastery (a local religious and architectural gem, also known as the Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery).



Bus Service 195: This takes you to the City Hall area, where you can explore historic architecture and museums at Singapore’s Civic District. You can also use this bus to get to Fort Canning Park, where you can embark on a colonial history walking trail. For lunch, take the same bus to Tiong Bahru—one of Singapore’s oldest estates, it’s now home to trendy cafes and shops.



Bus Service 960: This bus travels along a different part of the city centre (Bugis), where you can take a walk through Kampong Glam (Singapore’s Malay-Muslim quarter) or visit the National Library to check out their free exhibitions. The bus will also take you to the Little India district, where you can go on DIY heritage trails and test your tolerance for spicy South Indian curries! Subsequently, the bus will leave the city centre and hit the expressway, so it’s your chance to see Singapore’s suburban neighbourhoods. If you stay on the ride long enough, you’ll eventually reach the tranquil Kranji War Memorial—a hillside cemetery for Allied soldiers who died in the line of duty during World War II.


10 Free Activities to Rediscover Singapore


For locals on a staycation, take your pick of these 10 completely free activities to help you “rediscover Singapore”:

  1. Catch a free performance at the Esplanade.
  2. Get your culture fix at a free museum in Singapore.
  3. Check out Gelam Gallery—the first outdoor art gallery in Singapore.
  4. Visit the little-known Japanese Cemetery Park, or any ”secret” local park that you haven’t been to before.
  5. Hop on a public bus that you’ve never taken before—try these recommended scenic routes.
  6. Within the city centre, hunt for quiet places to chill in Singapore, such as Stamford Green, Fort Canning Park, which is accessible by an escalator to the left of the National Museum.
  7. Explore Singapore’s off-the-beaten-track neighbourhoods.
  8. Browse second-hand books at Bras Basah Complex (try Evernew Bookstore), check out vintage records at Redpoint Record Warehouse, or unearth surprising finds at preloved furniture shops
  9. Venture into abandoned sites in Singapore, such as the Tanglin Hill Brunei Hostel—don’t forget your insect repellent or mosquito patches!

Get schooled in Chinese mythology at Haw Par Villa (closed for renovations, reopening in March 2021).


Best Budget Places to Visit in Singapore (S$50 and under)

These unique Singapore experiences won’t break the bank!


Be Enchanted at the Singapore Musical Box Museum

(S$12 per adult)

During the 19th century and early 20th century, music boxes were cultural and status symbols for the European gentry. Some of these melodious mementoes eventually made their way to Singapore as well—imagine a time when a music box might have been your primary source of entertainment! 

Book a 40-minute guided tour of the Singapore Musical Box Museum to see vintage music boxes in action, while learning about their place in global culture and history. Worth visiting, especially if you’re in the Chinatown district.

Directions to Singapore Musical Box Museum | Buy tickets


Go on an Island Ferry Cruise

(S$15 per adult)

For an interesting day out, purchase a ferry ticket to visit St John’s Island (which is linked via walkway to Lazarus Island, a quiet beach paradise) and Kusu Island. 

From the late 19th century, St John's Island was a quarantine station for sufferers of diseases such as cholera and leprosy. Subsequently, it was the site for a penal settlement as well as a drug rehabilitation centre. Today, the island has gained a new lease of life as a leisure and fishing spot. 

Kusu Island, also known as “Tortoise Island,” is home to Chinese deity statues and Muslim kramats (holy shrines of saints). Locals continue to visit the island today, to seek blessings from these religious relics. 


Directions to Singapore Island Cruise & Ferry Services | Buy St John’s Island & Kusu Island Ferry Tickets


Work your Brain—and Work Together—at an Escape Room

(typically about S$25 per adult, although there are pricier rooms)

Escape rooms have been popular in Singapore for almost a decade now. When you enter such a room with your companions, you can’t be released until you’ve solved a series of challenging puzzles. Many require you to draw upon your math and science skills, as well as general knowledge of global and local affairs. If this sounds right up your alley, gather your buddies and book a session with the more affordable providers, such as Xcape Singapore, The Escape Artist, and Trapped.


Release all Tension at The Fragment Room

(S$38 per adult)

Have you ever felt stressed out, with no outlet to truly let go? If you’re feeling wound up despite your best efforts to relax, release all your pent-up emotions by breaking (unwanted) objects in a soundproof room! (And yes, you can blast your favourite ‘rage’ music here!) 

The Fragment Room offers “safe, no judgement” rooms for channelling your inner rock star or indulging in the ultimate form of anger therapy—you can even go in pairs or as a group. Rest assured that all debris will be recycled.

Directions to The Fragment Room | Buy tickets


Conquer your Fears at Forest Adventure Singapore

(S$50 per adult for the Grand Course)

Looking for an activity that will leave you feeling personally fulfilled? Challenge yourself and conquer your fear of heights (if any) at Forest Adventure Singapore. Embark on a tree-top obstacle course designed with incremental difficulty, and build up your confidence as you complete each station while safely harnessed. The Grand Course comprises 44 “wobbly crossings” and three breathtaking ziplines over the water—an unforgettable experience is guaranteed!

Directions to Forest Adventure Singapore | Buy tickets


3. What to Splurge on in Singapore

Hankering after more extravagant pastimes in “crazy rich” Singapore? You’ve come to the right place!


Revel in the Joys of Food with a Michelin-Star Meal

(from S$248 per person at Odette, from S$118 per person at Jaan; please check websites for updated pricing)

Wondering what Michelin stars are about? When it was first launched in the late 1800s, the Michelin Guide was a general travel handbook—its purpose was to encourage motorists to explore France and purchase more Michelin tyres. As the restaurant section of the handbook grew more popular, it led to the introduction of the much-hyped Michelin star system (currently from one to three stars, with three stars denoting exceptional cuisine). 

In recent times, Michelin has also added a “Bib Gourmand” category for “good value cooking,” i.e. places that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Over the decades, the Michelin Guide has expanded to include over 30,000 establishments in countries around the world, including Singapore. 

You can view all Singapore-based restaurants and eateries that have been namechecked by Michelin on its official website.


Be Entertained and Enlightened with a Singapore Day Tour

(from about S$70 per person)



Local experience tours aren’t just for tourists! With a well-run tour, locals and long-term residents alike can gain fresh insights about the place they call home.

For families, Let’s Go Tour has launched its “This is Home” tour series, where you can learn about Singapore’s history and development while bonding over interactive activities. Their two-hour “Kampong Experience” tour (S$200 for up to three persons) lets you visit a family living in Kampong Lorong Buangkok—Singapore’s last bona fide village on the mainland.

For an intellectually stimulating experience, check out Tribe Tours, which runs themed tours on Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew (S$115 per person), as well as the city’s disappearing trades (S$98 per person).

Wondering where to go in Singapore at night? Take a chance on the three-hour “Creepy Tales of Singapore” tour, where you will:

  • Walk along a bridge at a secluded hill, on which many have perished.

  • Visit a coastal gun battery near a beach, where thousands of innocent people were massacred during WWII. 

  • Step into one of the world’s largest Chinese cemeteries, estimated to house over 100,000 tombs.

Run by Oriental Travel & Tours, this spine-chilling excursion will give you a night to remember! The tour runs at S$150 per person, with a minimum of two participants.


Book a tour with Let’s Go Tour

Book a tour with Tribe Tours

Book a tour with Oriental Travel & Tours


Have Maximum Fun with a Sentosa Day Out


Sentosa Island is a hub of excitement, with its high-energy attractions, white sand beaches, and world-class shops and restaurants. Here, your adventure options range from bungee jumping (S$69 per person) and “flying” in a vertical wind tunnel (S$79 per person) to a triple jump-climb-zip combo at the Mega Adventure Park (S$75 per person). 

Prefer entertainment theme parks? Universal Studios Singapore is a popular attraction on Sentosa Island—tickets are currently at S$43 for Singapore residents (usual price S$59 per adult). 


Directions to Sentosa Island


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