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When it comes to tips on things to do and places to go in Penang, there is no one better to take advice from than our PARKROYAL people – dedicated locals who will ensure that you enjoy the very best that the island has to offer.

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Penang National Park

Declared a national park in 2003, and located northwest of Penang, the 2,522ha Penang National Park is only an 18-minute drive from PARKROYAL Penang Resort. Featuring five habitats in one location, the park has a wide array of activities including fishing, hiking, jungle trekking, sandcastle building, canopy walking, picnicking, camping and canoeing at the Mangrove Forest. This refreshing attraction has nine beaches known as Teluk Bahang, Pasir Pandak, Teluk Tukun, Tanjung Ailing, Teluk Duyung, Teluk Ketapang, Pantai Kerachut, Teluk Kampi and Pantai Emas, many of which are considered the best beaches in Penang. Open daily from 7:30am to 6:00pm.

 Jalan Hassan Abbas, Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang, 11050 Penang, Malaysia.

Batu Ferringhi

Discover one of the most popular destinations in Penang at Batu Ferringhi. Renowned for its sparkling blue waters and soft sandy shorelines, this idyllic resort is a popular retreat for travellers looking to escape the busy city.

From this beautiful stretch of coastline, life moves at a slower pace. Vibrant markets, interesting tourist attractions and delicious restaurants add energy to Batu Ferringhi, while its surrounding landscapes and beautiful shoreline help create an atmosphere that’s distinctly relaxed. Discover it all from PARKROYAL Penang – just a short distance from the best Batu Ferringhi has to offer.

Batu Ferringhi Night Market

Snap up a bargain and explore Penang’s most popular destination at the Batu Ferringhi Night Market. Occupying an idyllic setting just a short distance from the beach, the bustling market stalls come alive in the evening as tourists and locals alike haggle for bargains on everything from clothing and electronics to handicrafts and souvenirs. 

The night market also offers visitors plenty of options for street food, serving up traditional dishes and exotic snacks, freshly prepared on-site. 

Batu Ferringhi Night Market is conveniently located right on the doorstep of PARKROYAL Penang Resort, making it the perfect base to explore the best of the island. Book your stay at PARKROYAL Penang Resort today and experience all that Batu Ferringhi has to offer.

Tanjung Bungah

Discover Penang’s Flower Cape with a trip to Tanjung Bungah. Once a sleepy fishing village, this idyllic seaside suburb between Gurney and Batu Feringghi is now one of the most popular destinations in Penang, offering visitors beautiful beaches, excellent cultural attractions and great restaurants.

Tanjung Bungah Beaches
For many visitors, the beaches near Tanjung Bungah are what makes the area so appealing. The Penang Water Sports Centre in particular is a hub of activity, offering visitors the chance to rent kayaks, canoes and other boats to head out on the water. From the shore, beach volleyball and soccer games regularly take place, and there is even the opportunity to go fishing from certain points near the centre.

Penang Floating Mosque
The stretch of beach at Tanjung Bungah is also home to the area’s most impressive piece of architecture, Masjid Terapung. This floating mosque was built a decade ago to replace another mosque in the area that suffered damage during the 2004 tsunami disaster. Standing seven stories tall, the stunning white building is the first in Malaysia to be built on the sea. The classic Moorish design boasts a brightly coloured roof and can accommodate up to 1500 parishioners during prayer times.

Tanjung Bungah Night Market
Malaysia’s markets and hawker food streets are famous around the world for offering unique items and delicious foods at bargain prices. The night market in Tanjung Bungah is no exception and is a particularly popular attraction in Penang. Every Tuesday, the car park of the morning wet market building transforms into a bustling marketplace where visitors can haggle for a veritable array of delights. From exotic local fruits, fresh produce and vegetables to traditional snacks like stir-fried ricecake strips and Hakka noodles – the bustling night bazaar offers plenty of opportunity for visitors to indulge in authentic Malaysian cuisine.

Getting to Tanjung Bungah
Travellers in search of a Tanjung Bungah hotel need look no further than PARKROYAL Penang Resort. With spacious rooms, luxury amenities and a location in the heart of the island, Penang’s best attractions are all within easy reach. 

Located just a 15-minute drive from PARKROYAL Penang, visitors can discover this idyllic coastline village and take advantage of its many charms hassle free.

Teluk Bahang

A calm oasis in Penang, Teluk Bahang is an idyllic retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city

Discover an idyllic retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city at. This charming fishing village on Penang’s north-western tip is home to a beautiful natural park, offering visitors a leafy oasis that feels worlds away from Penang's city centre. 

Spanning 32 hectares, the park was established in 1974 in an effort to increase awareness and appreciation of Malaysia’s forest ecology. A network of hiking trails were set up, and Teluk Bahang quickly became a popular destination for visitors and locals who now use the park for walking, camping and picnics.

Experience the stunning natural scenery of the area with a hotel near Teluk Bahang. Book your stay at PARKROYAL Penang Resort today and enjoy convenient access to this natural park's many sights and activities.

Street Art

Explore the inner city of George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and discover the unique and evocative murals of Ernest Zacharevic and the welded iron caricatures around the city. These murals and sculptures were actually commissioned by the Penang tourism board to provide tourists with a fun way to learn about George Town’s heritage and history through engaging pictorial stories.

An Evening Of Lights At Khoo Kongsi

Witness the beautiful sight of the lighted Khoo Kongsi once a month. Usually closed in the evenings, the elaborate clanhouse comes to life on a special night every month, where visitors can admire the impressive architecture while enjoying the arts, cultural performances and stalls selling knick knacks

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Guided Penang Botanical Gardens Tour

Venture into the Penang Botanical Gardens on a guided walk and discover the myriad of flora and fauna that is rarely seen in the city. The public park is 130 years old and is known to be the oldest botanical institution in Malaysia

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Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm

The first tropical butterfly sanctuary, Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm, is only a 15-minute drive from PARKROYAL Penang Resort. It features Natureland, an outdoor living garden, and Cocoon, an indoor discovery center with live butterflies of various species and small reptiles showcased throughout the entire exhibition. Entopia also boasts the largest classroom and discovery hub with interactive workshops where the butterflies and insects are free to come out and play, making it an Entomological Utopia.

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