AWWA Senior Community Home

AWWA Senior Community Home is a sheltered home to elderly Singaporeans, providing accommodation, nursing care, counselling and general care, AWWA Senior Community Home provides accommodation for Singaporeans aged over 60 years old, who are on public assistance or have no family or means of financial support. The residents take care of their own units and daily living needs. Besides organising regular activities to maintain physical and mental health, the Home also offers guidance and counselling on the challenges of aging and group living to help the residents create an environment of mutual care and support in the Home.

Bright Hill Evergreen Home

Bright Hill Evergreen Home is a voluntary welfare home providing health care services for the aged, sick and destitute regardless of race, language or religion. It has been operating at 100 Punggol Field since 11 March 2013. The Home started out at Bright Hill Road on 3 July 1983 and shifted to Senja Road in May 2009 before shifting to their current location at Punggol Field. Their vision is to promote and maintain holistic nursing and medical care to the residents and to discharge them to the community when appropriate. The key services provided to the residents include medical treatment, nursing care, rehabilitation, social service as well as counselling.

Melrose Home

Children’s Aid Society was formed in the late 1890s as the St Nicholas Home and is one of the oldest philanthropic organisations in Singapore. Its present name was established in 1902. Melrose Home provides full residential care to cater to the needs of children aged between 3 to 18 years old. It is a "home away from home" for children and teenagers who need care and protection in a residential setting. These are children whose parents or family members are unable to provide care or to supervise them. Children of other ages are admitted under special circumstances as well depending on their needs. The programmes run by Melrose Home include personal and social development, aftercare service and mentoring for the children.

The Singapore Cheshire Home

The Singapore Cheshire Home was founded in 1957 with the aim to provide a "home" to care for the seriously disabled having no or limited means and whose families, if any, are unable to provide adequate care. It runs a residential home and a day care centre. Both programmes cater to the physically disabled, aged between 16 to 78 years old. The residents suffer mainly from muscular dystrophy/atrophy, spastic, cerebral palsy, deformities, spinal/head injuries etc. The Home encourages and enables these physically disabled clients through rehabilitation, to achieve their maximum independence so that they may enjoy happier and as near-normal lives as possible within the community. The key services provided to them include occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and training in daily living skills, arts and crafts, creative as well as social and recreational activities.