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Introducing our Sensory Sleep Experience, an innovative programme designed to ensure a truly blissful night's sleep at our modern hotel in London. A good night's sleep has become the ultimate modern luxury, and we at Pan Pacific London would like to ensure your stay with us is nothing short of pure indulgence and relaxation. 

Comfort Collection

Restorative sleep helps to revitalise your body and refresh your mind. Thoughtfully put together by our sleep experts, we offer a collection of plush and inviting premium bed furnishings to enhance a good night's rest and relaxation, including a selection of pillows to suit your preference. 

Enhance Your Sleep

Our sleep enhancers are particularly effective in preparing the body and mind for a deep and thorough rest. Designed to meet a variety of relaxation preferences, our sleep enhancers are here to help you wind down at the end of each day. Choose from a range of bath amenities and pillow mists to ensure the perfect night's sleep.

Sleep Systems

Set your preferred temperature and let the OOLER® hydra-powered sleep sheet do the rest. The OOLER® sleep system allows you to schedule different temperatures, ranging from 13-46°C / 55-115°F, throughout the night so you can enjoy your best sleep possible. 

Alternatively, melt away stress and welcome calmness with the Mela comfort weighted blanket, so that you wake up feeling rested and ready to face the day. This blanket helps to foster a sense of stillness and calm, helping your body and brain to switch off.

The OOLER® Sleep System and Mela Comfort Weighted Blanketare are available to order between 9am - 4pm.

Meditation and Yoga

Our sleep meditation playlists feature both male and female narrations to suit your personal preferance, or simply enjoy soothing and relaxing music as you wind down for the day. Alternatively, wind down with some yoga to help release tension and promote relaxation. 

Sleep Menu

Enrich your sleep experience with a hot drink and light nibbles before bed, to enhance your sleep quality, improve restlessness and help you fall asleep more quickly.