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Be A Happy Sleeper at Pan Pacific Melbourne

Being in the business of rest, we recognise that a good night’s sleep is fundamental to one’s well-being and as part of our service signature, we have launched the Happy Sleepers programme, designed to enhance the quality of sleep through a selection of curated services, available for guests staying in our suites, as well as Platinum and Titanium DISCOVERY members. 

Happy Sleepers offers a host of thoughtful touches that evoke the five senses, built upon the three main pillars of the programme - Bedding Collection, Slumber Supper and Sleep Enhancers. These services comprise both complimentary and chargeable options that caters to individual’s preferences.

Bedding Collection

An ensemble of premium bed furnishing that highlights the mattress, mattress topper, donna and pillows - a masterful set-up that promises a complete and rested night. Guests of Happy Sleepers can choose their perfect headrest from the speciality pillow menu; from Classic Comfort to Luxuriously Soft, Soothingly High and Extra Support pillows, providing ultimate comfort for all types of sleepers. 

Slumber Supper

Gently ease into slumber with a complimentary serving of warm milk or chamomile tea served with Chef’s Daily Sleep Enhancers, daily light snack with sleep-supporting qualities such as Tryptophan that regulates the body’s sleep-wake cycle. Guests can also satiate hunger pangs from the wider menu selection such as Warm Oatmeal and Sleepwell Fruit Bowl.

Sleep Enhancers

A good bedtime routine not only elevates the quality of sleep, but have long-term benefits to one’s well-being. Tailored to meet a variety of relaxation preferences, the Sleep Enhancers comprises of four elements – Bath & Spa Experience, Turndown Service, Yoga & Wellness Concierge and Read to Sleep, for a rejuvenated repose. 

Bath & Spa Experience

Researchers have found that a warm bath before bedtime promotes and improves sleep. With this in mind, the programme includes a line-up of three complimentary bath soak options featuring aromatherapy products - Dindi Natural Bubble Bath, Appelles Bath Caviar and Balmain Bath Salts for a calming and luxurious soak. Complete the experience with a glass of bubbly paired with fresh strawberries or choice of wine by the glass.

Our Bath Butler Service is available in our Panoramic Suites, Yarra Suites and Pacific Club Rooms from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, daily. For full enjoyment, submit your request at least 2 hours in advance to allow at least 30 minutes for preparation.

Turndown Service

Scents consist of natural compounds that are effective in easing minds into a tranquil state and promoting thoroughly rested nights. We offer complimentary Dindi Naturals mists for a calming experience. These scents effectively relax your mind and promote a restful night's sleep. Your room is lightly refreshed, the lighting is adjusted to create a relaxed ambiance, and your bed is prepared for a comfortable sleep.

Yoga & Wellness Concierge

Meditation and bedtime yoga can assist in priming the mind and body for a peaceful night. Mindfully ease into each of the five yoga poses: Waterfall, Happy Baby, Twisted Root, Butterfly and Child’s Pose as guided in the Happy Sleepers guidebook to alleviate insomnia and improve sleep pattern.

Guests may also choose to end the night with a soothing meditation playlist. The playlist features both male and female narrations as well as music-only tracks, catering to all preferences. 

Wellness Concierge provides you with a range of complimentary and paid workouts that cater to allfitness levels. Workouts are available to purchase on in-room TVs, making choosing a workout assimple as ordering a movie.

Read to Sleep

Studies show that settling in with a book before bed helps to get a better night’s rest and reduces stress. Switch off from electronic devices and delve into a curated selection of reading materials to prep for the night. The collection features titles such as Australian Dreamscapes, Park and Gardens of Melbourne, as well as The Kangaroo of Humpty Doo and We are Matilda's to keep the little ones engaged before bedtime.

Happy Sleepers Guidebook

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