Green Hotels in Melbourne | Sustainability Initiatives at Pan Pacific

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability has been a buzzword in the hospitality industry for some time now. Not only is it a response to an increased awareness of climate change and the impact we as humans have on the planet, but it is also a response to guest demand, with more and more guests desiring sustainable tourism as a requirement in their holidays.

Being known as one of the best practised green hotels in Melbourne, Pan Pacific Hotels Group carries a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment and self with eco-friendliness, sustainability and care for overall well-being as its brand ethos. Our award-winning hotel PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering, Singapore is a perfect example, as the hotel embodies a stunning eco-friendly design concept dubbed “hotel-in-a-garden” with over 15,000sqm of zero-energy greenery powered by a gravity-driven irrigation from a rainwater harvesting system and solar energy.

At Pan Pacific Melbourne, we deliver on this commitment by implementing a range of sustainability initiatives throughout the hotel's operations, such as:

Removing Plastic Water Bottles
All plastic water bottles have now been removed from guest rooms in order to reduce the consumption of single use plastic. We're encouraging guests to choose to drink Melbourne's clean and safe drinking water straight from tap in lieu of disposable plastic water bottles. To accompany this change, a filtered water dispenser has been installed in the lobby, which dispenses cold, hot and sparkling water – enabling guests to refill their own reusable water bottles should they choose to.

Donating Mobile Phones
So far, our team members have donated 50 used mobile phones, which have been donated to a cause that will help fund 10 doses of antibiotics needed to treat gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Recycling Program
An active recycling program is in place across all departments. At least 70% of hotel waste is recycled including all fluorescent tubes, light bulbs, batteries, scrap metal and electronic devices. 

Energy-Efficient Lights
All lights have been updated from halogen bulbs to energy-efficient LED light bulbs in all guest rooms and back of house areas. Most of our office spaces and meeting rooms are installed with light sensors that will turn lights off when not in use to further conserve energy when the room is not in use.

Soap Aid
Soap Aid is an environmental impact reduction program, managed by the hotel's housekeeping team. 1,664kg of soap bars have been collected from guest rooms. The team at Soap Aid cleans and repurposes these bars of soap into full size bars of soap, which are donated to communities in developing countries.

Repurposing Furniture
After our hotel's renovation in 2018, the previous guest beds were donated to the Salvation Army, along with other items like desk chairs and televisions.

Sustainable Sourcing
Local Australian products are used in the hotel whenever possible. We're moving away from plastic coffee cups and takeaway containers, and instead, we're using bamboo-based products, which are 100% biodegradable.

98% of fresh fruit and vegetables are now delivered in non-poly coated cardboard. Plastic straws have been replaced with biodegradable straws and coffee grinds are donated and used as compost. Guest Laundry and slippers are also delivered to guest rooms plastic-free.

Pan Pacific Melbourne strives to create an awareness around the need for positive environmental change through the education of associates, guests and business partners. The team is continuously evolving to adapt to new technologies, systems and practices to help deliver a more sustainable and responsible hotel environment, today and for the future.