Restaurants in Shibuya | Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel | Dining


Embark on a diverse culinary journey with our award-winning restaurants, bars and gourmet marketplaces. Housing some of the best restaurants in Shibuya, satiate your taste buds with our wide range of cuisines from authentic Japanese to Chinese and International, accompanied with innovative cocktails and pastries to round off your experience. 

Tower's Restaurant (COUCAGNO)

Tower’s Restaurant shines the spotlight on selected seasonal ingredients with traditional French culinary technics.

Tower's Bar (BELLOVISTO)

Soak in the spectacular views of Shinjuku from the flagship bar while sipping on a selection of finest whiskey and international spirits.

Japanese Restaurant (Japanese Cuisine SAKURAGAOKA)

The restaurant will represent the beauty of the four seasons and the quintessence of Japan's proud culture through Japanese cuisine.

Chinese Restaurant (szechwan restaurant CHEN)

Named after owner-chef Kenichi Chen, CHEN is Si Chuan dining at its finest.

Teppan-yaki SAKURA

Take a front-row seat at the Teppanyaki table and catch the chef in action at this exclusive 10-seater restaurant.

Sushi Ito Ikkan

This intimate 9-seater sushi restaurant serves up a selection of sushi using the freshest ingredients.

Garden Kitchen (CARAMELO)

Garden Kitchen serves up international cuisine all-day from 6:30am to midnight.

Garden Lounge (ZABOU)

Have a cuppa, sip of selection of tea and delight in delectable pastries at this lounge with a view of the "Kanzatei" garden.

Ryotei (Cerulean Tower SUKIYA)

Enjoy “Omotenashi” hospitality in this “Noh stage” theatre-design restaurant while savouring authentic Kaiseki cuisine.

Cigar Bar (R261 CIGAR & ROCK)

A sophisticated cigar bar where friends gather over drinks, the aroma of cigars and rock music.

Jazz Club (JZ Brat SOUND OF TOKYO)

Swing to live jazz with an exciting line-up of musicians, while savouring fine cuisine and an extensive drink menu.

Pastry Shop

A selection of pastries, breads and baked goods lovingly made by the pastry chef are available to savour.

Room service

24-hour meal services available for your leisure enjoyment of gourmet dishes alongside the luxurious scenic view in the comfort of your room.