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Our Commitment to Sustainability

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore is the country's first 'Garden-in-a-Hotel', and replete with sustainability initiatives, as well as green innovations to minimise its environmental impact, making sustainable accommodation accessible in the heart of Marina Bay. From intelligent energy management, reduction of plastic waste and efficiency in water management to name a few, the socially-conscious traveller can look foward to a host of sustainability touches thoughtfully integrated into many touchpoints during their stay. 

At PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore, we are on a journey of sustainability for the long-term, and consistently seek for greater integration of sustainability into the way we operate, and striving towards our commitment to become a global citizen of our planet and a champion for environmental responsibility. 

Information on Sustainability

More information about the various sustainability and green innovations that PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore has put in place are outlined below.

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A low-emissivity skylight filters ample natural daylight into the hotel and together with double-glazed glass and motion sensors, the hotel's chiller fans are run at a lower speed to conserve electricty, while keeping the interior ambient temperature cooler by almost two degrees celsius, for the same amount of energy used.

Rejuvenate and Renew


The hotel embraced a 'rejuvenate' over a 'reconstruct' approach, preserving its soaring indoor Atrium, Architect John Portman's design classic, and prevented over 51,300 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere, equivalent to destroying 8.7 million trees, or an area greater than all of Singapore's nature reserves combined. 

The extensive planting of over 2,400 plants, trees, shrubs and groundcovers spread across 15,000 square feet of space evokes the impression of a daytime forest that is attractive and beneficial, acting as natural sinks for carbon dioxide to improve indoor air quality.

Ahead On Renewable Power

210 solar panels installed on the roof provide around 350 kilowatt hours daily of clean renewable energy, which is able to power all the hotel lifts and emergency lighting. In other words, the solar panels provide enough electricity to power 18 typical households in Singapore for one day and help the hotel to save on its electricity bills.


Motion Sensors

Motion sensors have been installed in all guestrooms and public areas that enable intelligent temperature control and efficient use of energy. In the guestrooms, the motion sensors power down lights and air-conditioning when no guest presence is detected.

Reducing Carbon Emissions and Saving Water

Filtered Water

The in-room water filtration system in all guestrooms and in Banquet obivates the need for plastic water bottles, eliminating the carbon impact from the production, storage and eventual waste processing of up to 360,000 plastic bottles each year.

Water Management

Low-flow shower heads have been installed, which reduce water flow from 27 litres to nine litres a minute. In addition, water pumps are run at lower pressure which helps to reduce water flow and water consumption. 


Reducing Food Waste

The hotel recycles food waste, such as vegetables, poultry, bones, egg shells and fruit peel. A pair of energy-efficient food waste digesters use active enzymes to break down food waste into a liquid safe for disposal into the public waste pipe, and can process nearly one tonne of food waste in 24 hours.

Food and Sustainability Go Together

Urban Farm

The hotel is home to one of the Central Business District's largest Urban Farms. Spanning 150 square metres, the Urban Farm grows over 60 varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs and edible flowers used in the hotel's farm-to-table, farm-to-bar and farm-to-spa concepts. The output of the Urban Farm provides nearly 20% of the hotel's food supply, and contributes to food security and resilience. Having an Urban Farm also reduces the hotel's reliance on food deliveries, contributes to reducing knock-on carbon emissions from transportation, and helps ensure that the produce served to guests are harvested only at peak ripeness for maximum freshness.


Peppermint, the all-day dining restaurant has introduced delicious salads made from fresh greens harvested daily from the Urban Farm, as well as dishes that are plant-based and meatless, such as meat-free meatballs, guilt-free burgers and more. Apart from encouraging healthy dining and lifestyles, having plant-based menus help reduce the demand for meat farming, itself a contributor to greenhouse gases, global warming and climate change.

Meetings and Events

Sustainability in Meetings

Stationery is made from sustainable materials, and FSC-certified paper is issued for meetings and events. 

Going Green in M.I.C.E

Reducing Wastage in Meetings

Stationery stations are provided for meetings and events instead of being issued individually, so that delegates can take whatever they need to use, which helps to reduce wastage. Refillable water carafes and drinking glasses are provided instead of plastic bottles, helping the hotel to reduce its carbon impact from disposal of the used bottles.

Energy Efficiency in Ballrooms

The Garden Ballroom and Atrium Ballroom have energy-efficient LED walls installed, and the majority of conference rooms have been installed with energy-saving LED lights. 

Information and Factsheet

Detailed information about the hotel's sustainability initiatives, and other useful factsheets can be found here.

Interactive Guide

This interactive guide provides an impressive overview and animated snippets of the hotel's sustainability features, and green innovations, which create sustainable travel experiences for guests and travellers.

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