How to Plan the Perfect Romantic Weekend Getaway

perfect romantic weekend getaway perfect romantic weekend getaway

How to Plan the Perfect Romantic Weekend Getaway

The perfect romantic weekend getaway doesn’t have to be a dream. With a little imagination and ingenuity, you can plan for one without breaking a sweat. 

To begin, if you need a compelling reason to holiday with your partner, here is one that is hard to resist: relationships last longer when couples travel together!

Planning a couple’s trip—and loving it—takes teamwork, communication, and a shared vision of what it means to have a good time. Even if you think you know your partner like the back of your hand, enjoying a break from routines in an unfamiliar environment sets the stage for rediscovering each other’s playful sides, and rekindling the embers of romance.

Pressed for time or hesitant to consider international travel? You and your significant other can still reap the benefits of a couple’s vacation by setting aside a day or two to explore your own city. The best time to do this is over a weekend—read on to pick up some essential getaway tips and ideas for a wonderful romantic weekend in any city.


Check the Health Alerts in Your Getaway City

social distancing markers social distancing markers


For the immediate future, it is likely that you will have to keep your city’s Covid-19 health regulations in view when planning your romantic getaway. To get the most out of your local vacation, try not to let these social distancing guidelines dampen your spirits. Instead, let your optimism guide the way, by being adaptable and creative with your activity choices. 

If, for instance, your city has just announced restrictions on indoor dining, you and your partner would need to think about alternative ways to have a memorable meal, such as by ordering takeout for a picnic date, or choosing a hotel with a good selection of in-house and nearby restaurants to deliver quality meals to your room.

Before you book a local experience such as a workshop or tour, check with the organiser about their policy in the event of Covid-19 disruptions, and place a deposit only if you are comfortable with the arrangements. Together with your partner, you can also come up with a fun ‘weekend bucket list,’ so that you will have a list of options to consult if an activity should be cancelled.

Below are links to Covid-19 health guidelines, for some countries where our guests at the Pan Pacific Hotels Group are typically based:


Choose the Right Weekend Getaway Accommodation

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To prepare for the unexpected, book your weekend getaway stay at a hotel that offers a flexible rate. This may be higher than the advance booking rate, but it allows you to adjust or even cancel your reservation should something crop up. At Pan Pacific Hotels Group properties, guests with a flexible booking can change or cancel their reservations (with a refund) up to 24 hours prior to arrival. 

In the interest of good health, you should also select a hotel that clearly prioritises the well-being of its guests. For instance, Pan Pacific Hotels Group has implemented cleanliness and health protocols, as recommended by the World Health Organization and local government authorities. Do read about our Pan Pacific Cares safety measures here.

For greater assurance, you can also check if the accommodation that you are keen on has been audited and certified by a local health authority. Here are some examples: 


Seek Adventure Around You

romantic couple crossing street romantic couple crossing street


To find excitement in familiar spaces, take your cue from artist and world explorer Keri Smith, who believes that “everything is interesting.” One way to derive joy from your surroundings is to see each new day as a gift, with precious stories to unwrap and cherish.

During your romantic weekend getaway, you can aim to make easy-yet-fun discoveries as a couple, by venturing into a new restaurant or cafe, or exploring a seldom-visited neighbourhood. You could also book a tour or use a DIY walking guide to learn about the cultural significance of iconic streets and landmarks. Have an activity or workshop that you are keen to try as a couple? This is the perfect time to sign up for it.

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Before you proceed to fill your two-day holiday itinerary to the brim, do have a discussion with your significant other about the ideal pace of your romantic escapade. Would you both like to take things slow and easy, or would you prefer to be on the move all day? 

Remember: it is perfectly fine to have different daily rhythms—all it takes is awareness and compromise for everyone’s needs to be met. For instance, if only one person requires an afternoon nap to recharge, you can agree to schedule some time apart for solo activities as well. 


School Yourself on the Art of Relationships

couple reading couple reading


Bringing along reading material for your romantic getaway? Why not immerse yourself in a book that will help to enhance your relationship as a couple? Here are five popular reads to consider:


Know What to Avoid

couple in café holding coffee cups couple in café holding coffee cups


To boost your chances of having the perfect romantic weekend, here are some things that you should say “no” to:

  • For more peace and privacy during your romantic getaway, avoid scheduling your trip during festive periods or school holidays.

  • Stay away from hotel rooms without a view—you want something inspiring to feast your eyes upon when lounging in the room with your partner.

  • During your getaway, be sure to disconnect from your devices as much as you can; after all, you are here to spend quality time with your partner. Use this opportunity to do a digital detox.

  • If the primary purpose of your romantic getaway is relaxation and reconnection, refrain from discussing weighty topics such as finances, career concerns, or your children’s academic performance.

  • Planning your romantic getaway should be fun, not stressful. If you catch yourself feeling overwhelmed, contact your hotel concierge to find out how they can assist you.

To book a romantic weekend stay at one of our properties, get in touch with our friendly teams at the Pan Pacific Hotels Group today!


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