Why You Should Choose a Serviced Apartment over a Hotel

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Why You Should Choose a Serviced Apartment over a Hotel

Going on a business trip, family vacation, or local staycation? What would be the best accommodation option for your needs: a serviced apartment or a hotel?

When considering the best accommodation option for your overseas holiday, local getaway or work trip, you do need to think about multiple factors. 

These include the location of the hotel or serviced apartment (also known as serviced suite), your duration of stay, the amenities you need, as well as the number of guests accompanying you and their individual needs. 

While most of us know what a hotel offers, many are unfamiliar with serviced apartments. To help you plan for your next overseas or local trip, we have put together a list of features typical of serviced apartments — read them before you decide on your next accommodation.


Similarities Between Serviced Apartments and Hotels

Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard


First, you need to understand the similarities between serviced apartments (or serviced suites) and hotels.

Both provide amenities for your daily use (e.g. televisions, laundry services, toiletries, towels, snacks, bedsheets), as well as housekeeping services. They also offer various facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, restaurants/ cafes/ bars that you can use during your stay. 

Serviced apartments and hotel rooms also come in different luxury classes to cater to guests of differing needs. This could range from a simple no-frills room to a luxurious serviced suite or hotel suite that comes with the full works.

Where serviced apartments and hotels differ arise in their location, length of stay, room sizes, frequency of housekeeping services, cost per night stay, room services available, and amenities (both in the room and the property). 

The cost per room night may also differ, as well as the cost per guest. In many cases, serviced apartments actually offer better value than hotels. 

Let us look at the features of a serviced apartment to help you decide.


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Room Size and Space: More Spacious with Separate Living and Bedroom Areas

Living room space at a Serviced Suite Living room space at a Serviced Suite


Serviced apartments normally have a bigger floor space than hotel rooms. They are ideal for accommodating larger groups of guests like families or friends who wish to stay together. With ample independent space within the fully furnished personal suite that has separate living, dining and bedroom areas, you and your guests can live in utmost comfort and privacy during your entire stay. 

Most serviced suites also have different rooms within the same accommodation, affording different guests the privacy they need. This would be useful in cases where groups of two couples or a couple and a single guest opt to stay together. 

The additional rooms come in handy for family groups on a staycation if the adults need to spend some time working in the apartment during the getaway.


Furniture and Appliances: Equipped Like Your Home

toilet with washing machine in the serviced suite toilet with washing machine in the serviced suite


Serviced apartments are typically designed to resemble your home — it is a small apartment, after all — and they often offer a wide range of furniture, household equipment and appliances. These include beds and dressers, dining tables and dining chairs, work desks, a fully-equipped kitchenette, and washing machines, dryers, and other equipment. 

With such amenities available, they are ideal for guests who desire to stay or work in an environment that closely mirrors their own home.


Cooking, Dining and Kitchen Facilities: Perfect for Holiday Chefs and Diners

A fully functional kitchen with a dining table at Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Beach Road A fully functional kitchen with a dining table at Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Beach Road


Do you intend to cook up a storm during your staycation or vacation? If so, a serviced apartment or serviced suite may be more suitable for you. 

Fully stocked with a small kitchenette, most serviced apartments provide pots, pans, gas or electric stoves, ovens, as well as plates, bowls, forks, spoons and other cutleries. 

You will discover all you need in your fully-equipped kitchenette with the right branded kitchen appliances to assist you in whipping a delicious home-cooked meal right where you are. 

Refrigerators and freezers are also fuller-sized in such apartments, allowing you to stock -up at the nearest supermarket with your favourite produce and ingredients.


Duration of Stay: Ideal for Extended Stays

More furniture at Serviced Suites More furniture at Serviced Suites


How long do you intend to stay for your vacation, business trip, or local staycation? The duration of stay often determines if a serviced suite or a hotel is more suitable for your needs.

Serviced apartments often have a minimum number of room nights pegged to them. At Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard and PARKROYAL Serviced Suites Singapore, a minimum six nights stay is required. This is not needed at Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Beach Road.

Serviced apartments are hence ideal for business travellers on an extended work trip in a single city, homeowners who need temporary accommodation while their houses are being renovated, or families on an extended vacation who wish to explore a city for a week or more.   


Amenities and Services: Ample Leisure and Wellness Spaces

pet-friendly ParkRoyal Serviced Suites pet-friendly ParkRoyal Serviced Suites


Serviced apartments function like your home away from home. Hence, they also offer homely comforts that nourish your mind, body and soul. 

Wellness takes centre stage in the more well-designed serviced apartments, through thoughtfully built leisure and wellness facilities. 

The Pan Pacific and PARKROYAL’s luxury and upscale Serviced Suites offer guests a fully-equipped fitness centre, swimming pool and meeting facilities. Relax with our comprehensive range of services and amenities in an exclusive communal area designed for your comfort.

At Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard, guests can further unwind at The Living Room, a Residents’ Lounge offering an array of entertainment offerings, with options ranging from an Xbox video game console, a pool table, to a mini-library. Along with amenities to entertain you and help you relax, you can also enjoy fresh brews from the coffee machine.

Over at the PARKROYAL Serviced Suites Singapore, guests may refresh themselves with a luxurious spa treatment at the St. Gregory Spa. And if you cannot bear to leave your pet at home, you can even bring your furkid along to this pet-friendly accommodation with a small extra fee.


Accommodation Costs: More Economical for Extended Stays

living space living space


How much you spend on accommodation depends heavily on the length of your stay. 

Hotels tend to be more costly on a per-night basis than serviced apartments. However, they are ideal for guests who mostly dine out or require room service, as well as busy business travellers who need concierge services, business centre support, or daily laundry services. Such amenities are usually lacking in service apartments.

Serviced apartments, on the other hand, are more cost-effective for long-term stayers who need their room for an extended period. 

Staying in hotels would likely mean that you are dining out or ordering food to your room via room service. These add up to your total accommodation costs. 

Comparatively speaking, serviced apartments may be more economical for you as you are likely to prepare some of your meals using their inbuilt kitchen facilities.


Location: Premier Locations For Your Business or Leisure Needs


Depending on the city that you stay in, serviced apartments are usually centrally located—close to the central business district and iconic landmarks; you can be sure of being in the centre of the action. 

Depending on your overseas holiday, work trip, or staycation itinerary, you can easily pick a Pan Pacific or PARKROYAL Serviced Suite that suits you.


Safety, Security and Convenience: Round the Clock Service

hotel concierge hotel concierge


Safety is a priority at all Pan Pacific and PARKROYAL Serviced Suites. With 24-hour non-intrusive onsite security, you can stay at our serviced apartments with complete peace of mind. 

Residents’ needs are also taken care of by round-the-clock dedicated Personal Assistants. To add to your convenience, all our serviced suites provide 24-hour room service.


Conclusion: Serviced Apartments May Be Better For You

Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard at night Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard at night


To sum it up, serviced suites and apartments are perfect for larger groups of travellers like larger families or those travelling with friends. They work well for those on an extended period of stay and are ideal for DIY travellers who wish to prepare their own meals and do their laundry. 

This accommodation option is also ideal for longer-stay business travellers who wouldn’t mind doing a bit of their own meal preparation.

In summary, serviced apartments offer the following benefits:

  • Larger Spaces — Unlike hotel rooms, serviced apartments have much more room, allowing larger groups to have pockets of space for peace.

  • Full-fledged Facilities — With a complete range of kitchen and laundry facilities, you can cook freely and do laundry whenever you want. Being able to cook will bring down your meal costs during your stay.

  • Homely Feel — Designed to mimic your home, a serviced suite may be more pleasurable to spend hours and even days in.

  • Lower Cost Per Night — If you intend to stay for five or six nights or more, a serviced apartment may be more cost-effective than a hotel stay. 

Accommodating Pets — Some service apartments may allow you to bring your pets along during your staycation. While hotels have strict rules about pets, some serviced apartments, such as our PARKROYAL Serviced Suites Singapore, allow small pets on their premises (as long as they are leashed).

All set for your accommodation of choice? If you wish to stay in a services suite and need help in planning your business trip, an overseas holiday, or a local staycation, the teams at Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Beach Road, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard and PARKROYAL Serviced Suites Singapore are more than happy to help you. 

If you prefer a hotel stay, reach out to our teams at Pan Pacific Singapore, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering, PARKROYAL on Beach Road and PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road.

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