How to Plan the Perfect Girls’ Getaway

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How to Plan the Perfect Girls’ Getaway

Planning a girls’ getaway in the age of Covid-19 involves a little more effort, but it will all be worthwhile when you finally get to spend quality time with the women closest to your heart.

For your convenience, Pan Pacific Hotels Group has put together a guide for organising the ultimate girls’ trip in your city, across the country in another state, or even abroad. We hope you will find it useful, and look forward to serving you during your female-only travels!

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Where to Go for Your Girls’ Getaway

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In order to fully relax and unwind with the girls, pick a safe destination to travel to, where you can feel completely at ease. 

A useful resource is the Economist’s Safe Cities Index, which rates cities based on indicators such as personal safety, as well as health security and pandemic preparedness. Based on the index, the following destinations are some of the safest places to be:

  1. Copenhagen
  2. Toronto
  3. Singapore
  4. Sydney
  5. Tokyo
  6. Amsterdam
  7. Wellington
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Melbourne
  10. Stockholm

Keen to explore these cities? If you are an international visitor, do click on the links to check the entry requirements. You might also like to browse our Destination Insights for Canada, Singapore, and Australia for itinerary ideas.


The Best Hotels for a Girlfriend Getaway

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Apart from an ultra-spacious and luxurious room or suite with a delightful view, what else should you consider when choosing a hotel for a girls-only holiday?

First and foremost, do try to book your all-girls stay at a hotel that offers a flexible rate. This may cost more than the advance booking rate, but it allows you to adjust or even cancel your reservation should something crop up for your travel party. Given how uncertain things may be in the world today, such flexibility may be just what you need.

At Pan Pacific Hotels Group properties, guests with a flexible booking can change or cancel their reservations—with a refund—up to 24 hours prior to arrival. This ensures that you can enjoy a risk-free holiday with your girlfriends or sisters without paying penalties.

Second, select a hotel committed to keeping its guests healthy. You can check if the accommodation that you are interested in has been audited and certified by an international or local health authority, such as the ones we have listed below:

  • Global: Look for hotels with the Safehotels/CovidClean certification

  • Australia: Use the COVIDSafe Business Lookup (New South Wales)

  • Canada: Look for hotels that abide by Safe Stay guidelines

  • Singapore: Look for the SG Clean quality mark

For guests with the Pan Pacific Hotels Group, you can rest assured that we have implemented cleanliness and health protocols recommended by the World Health Organization and local government authorities. Do read about our Pan Pacific Cares safety measures here.

Finally, choose a hotel that is well-equipped and well-located, so that you can enjoy yourselves to the fullest. Remember: three must-haves for a girl getaway are a luxury spa, a swimming pool, and access to great shopping spots! 

If you are visiting Singapore, Pan Pacific Hotels Group properties will give you easy access to the St. Gregory spa, which offers some of the finest Asian massage treatments in the city. At St. Gregory, highly skilled in-house therapists will help you to relieve those knots and tired muscles, and you can choose from a plethora of treatments, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapies and Balinese massages. 


Useful Apps for a Girls’ Trip

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Stay in safe areas, purchase discounted tickets, book tables at the hottest restaurants, and split the bill easily—all with the help of technology! Here are some travel-friendly apps for your girls’ getaway, which can be used in most cities around the world.



The safety app GeoSure helps you to travel with peace of mind, as you can use its location scores to gauge your personal safety at any moment, anywhere in the world. Categories include “Women’s Safety,” “Physical Safety,” as well as “Nighttime Safety”—and the scoring system will let you know if you are in a stable area, or if you might be venturing into a troublesome spot.

Download Geosure (App Store | Google Play)



With the OpenTable app, you will gain access to over 52,000 restaurants worldwide, making it exceedingly easy to book a popular or hidden gem restaurant for dining out with your girlfriends, wherever you are. 

Download OpenTable (App Store | Google Play)



The activity app Headout will give you plenty of ideas for interesting activities across the most-visited places on the planet. Whether you prefer to immerse yourselves in new cultures and flavours, or discover the best of the outdoors, you will be able to book a suitable experience—with favourable prices—using the app.

Download Headout (App Store | Google Play)



Avoid letting money matters get in the way of your friendships during the trip. With Splitwise, you can organise and keep track of shared expenses, as well as settle up with the girlfriends and easily record any cash or online payments.

Download Splitwise (App Store | Google Play)


Tips for Travelling Together Happily

girls travelling together fun girls travelling together fun


A shared girls-only vacation can occasionally turn into a test of friendship, especially when there are different expectations to manage. After all, the saying that you will learn all about a person when you travel together is certainly true. 

Follow these tips to avoid conflict during your girls’ trip!


Get to know one another’s travel styles

Before making any group plans, make it a point to discuss your travel personalities and habits, and take note of your group members’ various preferences and risk tolerance levels. For instance, not everyone fancies skydiving or spending an entire afternoon in the museum—this can be easily resolved if the group agrees to pencil in some alone time for the trip, or to split up for certain activities.


Share the load of planning

Is one person making all the bookings for the trip, or taking on the lion’s share of the pre-trip research? Unless that person is perfectly happy to do so, it may turn into a point of contention during the trip. Always volunteer to help out, and check in regularly to see if everyone is happy with the division of trip responsibilities.


Talk about budgets

If someone in the group is a big spender, while others are more cautious, this could be a source of stress during travelling. Get to know everyone’s comfort levels in terms of spending, as this will help you greatly in narrowing down accommodation and activity options for the group’s consideration. And yes, you need to establish who should pay first in situations where credit cards are used!


Don’t overload the trip with activities

Remember that getaways are also a time for relaxation. Decide on a few “must-try” activities, and leave some time and space for going with the flow. You should also factor in a couple of hours for low-key activities, where you can just spend time with each other and chat.


Get off your devices

To make the most of your girls’ trip, resist the urge to document and share everything on social media. In fact, put your devices away as much as you can! You have given one another the gift of your presence, so treasure this time together and use it well.


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