How to Celebrate Wedding Anniversaries in Style

Couple holding hands Couple holding hands

How to Celebrate Wedding Anniversaries in Style

Wish to make your upcoming wedding anniversary more memorable? How do you celebrate your years of marital bliss?

Wedding anniversaries offer the chance for you and your spouse to commemorate milestones in your marriage. Each occasion is a time for you and your significant other to reflect on another year together, reconnect with each other, and reminisce about the events which led you to exchange those sacred vows.

Milestone anniversary years in particular hold special significance.  In this article, you will learn what the significant wedding anniversary years are, appropriate gifts for these occasions, as well as tips on how best to celebrate them.


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First Wedding Anniversary - the Paper Anniversary

Urban suite at PARKROYAL Collection Marina Bay Urban suite at PARKROYAL Collection Marina Bay


The first wedding anniversary is often the sweetest. You have lived and loved together as a married couple for an entire year—that’s 365 days of (hopefully) connubial bliss! 

This anniversary is also known as the paper anniversary because it symbolises a clean slate—both of you are only just embarking on your wedded life together, with many blank pages to fill. Gold is the traditional first-anniversary gemstone, while carnations are the first-anniversary flower. 

Why not relive your wedding day with a romantic staycation at a luxurious hotel? Check into any of the Pan Pacific hotels for a cherished getaway to spend quality time with each other and remind each other of the day you said, “I do.” After all, you are still in the honeymoon phase of your marriage. 

Traditional paper anniversary gifts include paper and clocks—clocks mark the time you’ve spent together. (For Chinese, however, a clock may not be a suitable gift as the Chinese phrase for giving a clock—“song zhong”—sounds like sending a person off to a funeral!)

For the ladies, we recommend husbands to pick out a pair of gold earrings or any gold jewellery, coupled with a bouquet of carnations to sweep your wife off her feet. The wife can choose a watch instead of a clock as an anniversary gift—this is less taboo in Chinese. Other possible gifts include an anniversary journal, where you can record your memories as a couple together, or a photo album of your first year together.

Fifth Wedding Anniversary - the Wood Anniversary

A trio of cocktails A trio of cocktails


Congratulations! You have made it to your fifth year as a married couple. Wood is used to symbolise your fifth wedding anniversary as it connotes the strength, stability and firm roots you planted in your marriage. Sapphire is the fifth-anniversary gemstone, while Daisy is the official flower, as it symbolises the bond between you and your significant other—its plentiful petals signify all the beautiful ways that a five-year wedded couple can grow together. 

Celebrate this special time with an unusual couple activity, such as mixing a cocktail. At Pan Pacific Singapore, you can join a cocktail masterclass workshop where you can whip up a cocktail for each other. How’s that to celebrate your five-year marriage milestone?

Traditionally, gifts such as wooden sculptures, jewellery boxes and silverware are also exchanged in year five. Loving husbands should pick blue-sapphire jewellery for the wife—complemented with a lovely bunch of fresh daisies, of course. 

As for gifts that wives can present to their husbands, consider what your hubby’s hobbies and habits are. Wood-based items like an engraved wooden pen set, a solid reading chair, or a guitar would make great gifts.


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Tenth Wedding Anniversary- the Tin Anniversary

Kaiseki-style brunch Kaiseki-style brunch


Break out the champagne; you have reached a decade in your marriage! This milestone is also referred to as the Tin Anniversary, representing the flexibility and durability required to sustain a long and loving union. 

The gemstone of choice to celebrate a 10-year wedding anniversary is none other than diamonds. Symbolising longevity and love, diamonds are the perfect stone of choice. Daffodils are the preferred 10th-anniversary flowers, as they represent resilience and positivity—all qualities one needs to enjoy an enduring marriage! Commemorate this special day with a feast at Keyaki, and indulge in a kaiseki-style brunch experience

Traditional gifts exchanged include homewares or sculptures, but that takes the romance out of the occasion. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so husbands, please take note. Pick a piece of meaningful diamond jewellery for your wife, thanking her for being your life partner. Make it extra memorable by upgrading her engagement ring. If budget is of concern, consider getting stainless steel jewellery instead. 

Presents for husbands may include a great-quality pen or watch. If your man is into jewellery, a steel bangle or ring will make a great gift too. 


25th Wedding Anniversary - the Silver Jubilee

Afternoon tea spread Afternoon tea spread


Spending a quarter of a century together is no easy feat, but you did it! This significant milestone is symbolised by silver, one of the most popular metals and a symbol of strength, purity, focus and clarity. Irises are the flowers of choice for 25th wedding anniversaries. They express courage, faith, hope, wisdom and unconditional love—essential qualities to have in an everlasting marriage.

Take a day to celebrate your silver anniversary. Make this a day all about the both of you. Spend some time pampering yourself at a spa, and enjoy a 90-minute therapeutic massage, followed by a bubbly afternoon tea for two. Use this time to connect on a deeper level as a couple while enjoying bite-sized treats with free-flow champagne. 

The ideal silver wedding anniversary gift for him and her? Something made of silver—of course! These could be cuff links or a premium shaver for him, and silver jewellery for her. A classic piece from Tiffany’s would work well. For children with parents celebrating the Silver Jubilee, consider spa vouchers for their special day. 


50th Wedding Anniversary - the Golden Jubilee

Celebration with drinks Celebration with drinks


Hitting your 50th wedding anniversary is a monumental achievement, and it deserves to be celebrated in grand fashion. The Golden Jubilee is symbolised by gold, of course, a precious metal that represents the wisdom, strength, prosperity and significance of your marriage. One of the most precious substances in the world, gold makes a fitting symbol for 50 years of marriage. 

Yellow roses are the 50th Wedding Anniversary flowers—these gorgeous blooms depict friendship and joy, summing up the essence of what it takes to make a marriage this lasting. 

Celebrating this incredible day ought to be a family affair. It is time for your adult children and maybe even grandchildren to get involved. Get them to arrange for a family gathering in your honour—to eat, drink and reminisce the old days. 

Children, create a video of memories for your parents celebrating their 50th anniversary, taking them down memory lane while showering them with gifts that are appropriate for the occasion. Sentimental gifts such as a photo collage are ideal—don’t forget to get a bouquet of yellow roses for mum. Surprise them with a staycation so that they can enjoy some quiet, quality time together. 

From London to Toronto, Melbourne to Penang, you can choose a Pan Pacific, PARKROYAL or PARKROYAL COLLECTION hotel to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Our luxury hotels offer an array of fine-dining options and provide various amenities perfect for spending time together as a couple. 


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